5 Digital Strategies to Turn your E-Commerce Business a Big Success

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2022)

Ecommerce shopping has been experiencing significant growth every year. It makes the Ecommerce business a viable means of earning a huge income. However, it also means that there’s huge competition in this area. The question is how you can gain visibility with so many players around.

Advertising and strategic marketing activities are some of the powerful ways to get better market traction and increase your customer base. In this post, we are going to mention some of the best ways to market your business using the right strategies and platforms.

Google Shop Ads to Reach the Right Prospects in their Right frame of Mind

Marketing and advertising can be expensive and the major concern of businesses is the real  RoI of such campaigns. So it is best to wisely choose the right platform. One of the best ways to increase your digital store’s visibility is to use Google Shopping campaigns.

The best benefit of these campaigns is that your ads are shown to the audiences when they are searching the similar products that you deal in. Being in the right frame of mind, the visitors are more likely to buy your products which increases your online sales. It also helps you gain the best RoI out of your advertising budget.

These ads appear during relevant search results at the top of SERPs and you also have the option to include details like price points, images, promo offers and discounts, ratings, and a wide range of other specifications that help prospective buyers to make an informed decision.

This is another plus point as this transparency will build trust and encourage viewers to shop from your site. An easy Add to Cart button quickens the process and allows shoppers to instantly buy your products.

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Remarketing for Repeating Your Impact

Google Ad campaigns do indeed help you increase sales but don’t expect any overnight miracle. In most cases, these campaigns require a keen follow-up to turn ad clicks into real purchases.

So, running Google shopping campaigns isn’t enough. You need to make sure that the shoppers who clicked and left without buying should eventually end up buying your items. You can achieve this through remarketing.

For instance, if a visitor was attracted to your designer shirts but didn’t buy them at that time then you need to remind him or her lest s/he forget your product.

Remarketing allows you to show your ads to a similar set of audiences to better influence their shopping decision and close the deal. Remarketing campaigns on different platforms are also found to be effective if done strategically.

For instance, if the audience found your brand on Google, then you can take steps to show them your ad on Facebook. Different platforms play a key role in determining the actions and time duration of a visitor and it eventually determines the success of marketing campaigns.

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Shopping Options on Social Media for Instant Sales

At one point in time, social media was almost solely used for building brand awareness. However, the times have changed and these platforms have added many more interactive features that make social media selling much easier and more practical. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to gain visibility but also offer you lots of strong options to help visitors buy your products through easy and quick steps.

For instance, you can just upload your product catalog on Instagram which allows you to tag specific products in your Stories as well as organic feed. The biggest advantage of this feature is that the viewers can instantly purchase your product without being redirected to your website. All they have to do is to click their desired product that will open the relevant webpage from where they can shop and checkout.

Social media selling also empowers you to organically multiply the visibility and increase sales potential through peer-to-peer impact. Options like share, likes, and tagging play a vital role in increasing the size of audiences.

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Customer reviews to build a strong trust

One of the major barriers during online shopping is a lack of trust. Human beings have a general tendency to doubt the virtual ecosystem especially when it comes to online purchases. It is very difficult to close sales without first canceling this objection. For that, you need customer reviews. Customer reviews give assurance about the product quality and brand integrity.

A positive review from satisfied customers can have a strong impact on audiences. We human beings tend to take advice from others while buying any new item- especially the expensive ones. Showing reviews to the viewers can cancel their objections and make it easier for them to trust your product.

There are several unbiased review sites on the net. Moreover, social media platforms like Facebook can also be used to compile and display reviews. With the right strategy, you can get regular feedback from customers and publish the same on your site, social media page, and review platforms.

Smart Pop-Up strategy to stand out with prominent display

Pop-Ups aren’t generally perceived as a healthy way to advertise. However, when used strategically and reasonably the pop-ups can certainly prove to be a strong way to increase your visibility, build a brand and multiply the sales.

It is very important to use the right type of design, positioning, and intent-based display to make sure that your popup should not irritate the visitors. Whether you own a pure eCommerce site or run your personal blog with some affiliate links the pop-up strategy can be a real asset to increase traffic and income potential.

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To increase your eCommerce sales you need good visibility on social media but it isn’t an easy task. There are millions of other sites including some of the biggest players vying for the maximum share of the market. However, with the right focused marketing/advertising strategies, you can reach a wider size of audience and positively influence their buying decision.

By keeping value above volume and using most potential strategies it will be less difficult for you to gradually but steadily increase your sales while building a strong brand.