How Do I Get A Credit Card? – How To Apply For A Credit Card Online

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2022)

Having a credit card makes your life easy. You will no longer have to think about the heavy investments you need to make to keep your house going.

If you haven’t already got one credit card, here is an article to help you know all the essential details about credit cards. 

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Why Shall I Get a Credit Card?

credit card is a card that pays your expenses by taking a loan from the bank.

You can keep a monthly tab of your costs and build your credit score with a credit card.

If you use a credit card, you will also get amazing cashback offers and discounts.

A credit card also saves you from fraud since you can stop every transaction on your credit card by just making a call. 

How to Get a Credit Card?

Well, there are two ways to get a credit card done. Online and Offline.

Online application has more benefits than offline one since you can apply and get approval only through your smartphone within a few minutes of using, that too from the safety of your home. 

How Do I Get a Credit Card Online

Follow the steps to get a credit card online 

1. Visit your bank portal or website—log in to your account.  The first step is to visit the bank portal or the website. 

2. Find the credit card section. You will find a separate area for every service they provide. Credit cards are one of them. Please find it and press on that.

3. Fill up the necessary details. You will need to give all the details related to you and your job and your address in the application form

4. Upload your documents for KYC verification. Once your details are given, you will have to upload the required documents to the portal. 

And you are done! Now you need to wait for their approval.

Is Online application safe?

Yes, the online application for a credit card is safe. You can log in at any time to your account and check the status of your application.

Your approval notice will come through an SMS or Email. If you are stuck on how to check the application status, you may follow these steps.

●    Go to your bank portal or website: Visit the bank website and log into the portal.

● Go to the credit card section. You will find a credit card section there. Click on that

● Fill in the necessary details.  You will be asked to type your mobile number or date of birth. Fill it.

● Tap on “Check application status” to track the process of your online approval. 

There is no easier way to have credit card approval. You will not have to fill up forms manually or stand in a long queue waiting for someone to attend to you.

Offline takes a lot of time and contains unnecessary complications too.

On top of that, there is no way to track the application status either. You will know the status only through letters or mail. 

You can start using the card online till you get the offline one mailed to you.

When you start using it, make an initial deposit, to begin with.

Then, if you use your card correctly and pay it back on time, you can build an impressive credit score that will help you add more reward points and avail many unique benefits. 

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This card gives the facility of four cards in one. It is the cash card, the EMI card, the credit card, and the loan card.