Berserk Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

Berserk, one of the most popular Japanese manga series in the 90s, has been translated into stunning tattoo art. It deals with themes such as destiny, free will, and loyalty while also dealing with mortality and the dualities of human nature.

Berserk is a dark fantasy series with Medieval themes that center on Guts, a single mercenary, and Griffith, the leader of the “Band of the Hawk”. They fight demons throughout the series.

Along with other key symbols from the manga such as the Brand of Sacrifice and the Skull Knight (a symbol for wolves known as the “Beast of Darkness”, Beherit, and the Skull Knight, popular tattoo subjects are the lead characters.

The Dragon’s Slayer is another main subject in Berserk Tattoos.

These top 41 Berserk Tattoo Ideas are a great source of inspiration for your tattoos.

Berserk Tattoos in Different Cultures and its Significance, Symbolism, and Meaning

Berserk Tattoo

Many cultures have berserk tattoos. They can also be used for a diversity of motives. They are a symbol of strength and courage in some cultures. In others, they can be used to repel evil spirits.

The most popular berserk tattoo designs are animals like tigers, lions, and dragons. These tattoos can have a profound meaning for the wearer and may represent their beliefs or values.

Another popular design is the skull tattoo, which includes tribal designs and Celtic knots. Berserk tattoos can also be used to signify your loyalty to a cause or group.

It is crucial to fully understand the meaning of any berserk tattoo you consider getting.

Berserk tattoos are often associated with a man’s aggressive or violent personality. These best tattoos can be intimidating to look at and reflect the wearer’s toughness. It is important to be prepared for the commitment and pain that it will bring.

Here are Some Tips to Help you Get your Tattoo Done Properly

Berserk Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

Everyone is happy the night before their session. You could have your 100th tattoo, or it could be the first time you visit a tattoo shop to get a session. There are some things you need to know before your session begins.

  3. SHAVE
  6. Bring snacks and eat them
  8. Do not show up intoxicated

Where to Get a Berserk Tattoo

Berserk Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

This poetic tattoo design should be placed where you choose. You can place your tattoo anywhere you like, but some spots work well for Berserk designs.

The human body is a living canvas that can be used for tattoos, even Berserk ones. These spots are great places to get a Berserk Tattoo, whether you are a long-time fan or just curious.


Both in the manga and on the show, the hand God is mentioned several times. This was also the show that gave you a hint about where your Berserk-inspired tattoos should be.

The palm and the back of the hand are large enough to accommodate an ‘egg in the perfect world’ design or even a Berserk Wolf tattoo.


You can either get a quote from Gut, the series’ leading man, or something more creative such as a tattoo of the Dragon Slayer sword. These two designs will shine on the neck.


Popular among manga and anime lovers are the Japanese-inspired tattoo sleeves.

Some devote their entire arm to a single series, while others dedicate it to another arm. Others like to have a collection of characters tattooed from their bicep to their wrist.

It is very easy to achieve this result, as the arm has plenty of space for you to design your designs.


Skull Knight tattoos can be worn on the shoulder.


All of your favorite characters and symbols can be tatted on your back. There’s plenty of space. Do not feel compelled to make a large design to cover all the space. You can also get a back tattoo that is more delicate or smaller.


Leg tattoos can be painful but they are worth it. You can also tattoo your entire leg with sleeves, as this gives you more space. Your Berserk tattoo designs are allowed to stretch from the upper thigh to the ankle.

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Amazing Berserk Tattoo Designs

Berserk Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo

This is a classic Berserk tattoo. It is known as The brand of Sacrifice inside the mangaIt is the ultimate symbol for saying no to your destiny. Guts, our main character, wears it proudly (and with pain). This iconic Berserk curse tattoo is worth the pain! This symbol’s rugged design will surely attract good spirits, we promise!

Egg of The Perfect World Tattoo

When an egg with disturbing human characteristics enters the story, you know there is an impending apocalypse! This guy is not allowed to make creepy comments! It makes for a first-rate Berserk reference tattooIt can be tattooed on your ankle or biceps if it doesn’t make you feel better. Find a tattoo artist who is willing to do this piece of art without you vomiting!

Guts and Schierke

The tattoo is bold and has thick lines that make it stand out. This piece depicts a concerned Schierke trying to keep Guts in check and stop him from becoming a berserker due to the berserker armor.

Full Berserk Sleeve

This piece is different from the typical Berserk tattoo. It’s a full-arm vertical sleeve that depicts Void and Slan, along with Griffith and Guts. This art style seems to have been influenced by the original manga’s early art style.

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Behelit / Beherit Tattoo

Berserk Tattoo

Behelits are often described by their spiritual stone objects. These objects are extremely important as they serve as keys to establishing a link between the Astral World’s deep layer and the Physical World. They are believed to be able to control the faith and willpower of the human race.

Behelits look like eggs and are sometimes called “king eggs”. Although Behelit can be either green or bluish, crimson-beheld is the most common. A Behelit tattoo can be a great idea for Berserk lovers. Check out these tattoo ideas to get some inspiration.

Victim Tattoo Mark

The Mark of Sacrifice is a symbol of those who have been chosen for the Call of Destiny. This ceremony is also known as the sacrificial ritual. It allows those who are declared holy to transcend their human nature and become apostles. Also known as members or the Hand of God, This ritual involves ritually killing someone close to the caller. To complete the transition between the call of humanity and that of the apostle, the life force of the dead is used.

Only Guts and Casca survived the branding ritual. They attract evil spirits that cause havoc wherever they go. These are the top design ideas for a Mark of Sacrifice Tattoo.

Celtic Knots

Berserk tattoos often include Celtic knots. They are symbolic of strength and power. These intricate designs are often very striking and have a profound meaning for the wearer.


Another popular tattoo option for berserk tattoos is the skull. They can be used to represent death or rebirth. Although they can be intimidating, skull tattoos can also be beautiful.


Dragon Berserk Tattoo

Berserk tattoos are a great way to incorporate dragons into your life. These mythical creatures are often very detailed and colorful, which makes them stand out from others.


Berserk tattoos are a great way to use wolves as symbols of loyalty and family. These tattoos are often very intricate and have a profound meaning for the wearer.

Dragon Slayer Sword Tattoo

The massive sword Guts used to kill him is called Dragon Slayer. This sword is the signature weapon of Berserkers and is the main means of survival during an eclipse. Rarely, even when a new member of God’s Hand is welcome, this sword is used. We think the Dragon Slayer Sword is terrifying and legendary and are proud to call it our favorite tattoo.

The sword was strong enough to kill any dragon. Guts were the only person who was able to use it correctly, as it was too heavy and large to be used by anyone else. It would be great to have a sword tattoo alongside your guts. These are our top Dragon Slayer tattoo ideas that you can get inspiration.

Young warrior

Many people have noticed that inexperienced and young professionals are more willing to put forth their best and show more passion for the goal than their mentors. This illustration shows that the carrier is not looking back and is continuing on its journey.


You will love the results if you’re willing to do a berserk tat. These tattoos will be a unique and striking addition to your body.