Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

There are many exciting activities you can participate in, including exploring the natural wonders and adventure of winter on the mountain tops, water sports in the lakes, walking around charming cities, and touring historical sites.

I want to make your Montana Vacation Spots a reality without all the stress and worry of planning. This is why I created this list of Montana’s top destinations.

These unique tourist spots are sure to entertain you and your friends. 

Top Things to Do in Montana:

Glacier National Park

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Glacier National Park ranks among the most popular places in Montana. It is a substantial national park located between Canada and the USA. It covers over 1 million acres and has 2 mountain ranges, more than 130 lakes, and many animals and plants.

This stunning natural area is situated in the middle of the “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.” This area is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering various recreation options such as biking, hiking, mountain climbing, and wildlife viewing.

Park ecosystems include rugged mountains, tranquil lakes, alpine forests, meadows, and alpine forests. Hundreds of miles of trails run through the park, and they are all available for exploration in Montana vacation spots.

The famous Going-to-the-Sun Road runs 50 miles through the park’s wild interior. It winds through mountainside ridges and features some of Montana’s most stunning landscapes and sights. It is one of Montana’s most visited tourist attractions.

Goat Haunt, Two Medicine, and Many Glaciers are other interesting spots in the park. Visitors can explore Native American history and historic homesteading sites and enjoy the stunning natural scenery. Glacier National Park in Montana is a popular tourist destination. Glacier National Park’s summer months are the best time to visit.

Hungry horse Dam

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Hungry Horse Dam, an arch dam situated on the South Fork Flathead River, is one of the largest concrete dams in the United States. The massive Hungry Horse Dam was built in Flathead County in 1953.

Two powerful freight horses working in the South Fork area and wandering from their sleigh were found starving and had to be fed. The dam’s name derives from them. Hungry Horse Dam has an updated visitor Centre, which is open daily and provides informative and free talks to visitors at their request.

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Many Montanans start their journeys in Helena, the capital of the state. It is also a central hub for the Gold West Country. For guided tours, visitors can visit the Montana State Capital Building. This is Helena’s most famous attraction in Montanan vacation spots.

You should also visit The Gates of the Mountains of the Missouri River. These are a group of cliffs that allow in the river and were named after the explorers Lewis and Clark. Helena also has a historic mining area called Reeder’s Alley. It is home to the exquisitely hand-carved Great Northern Carousel and the 19 -century old fire tower.

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Take the Bear Tooth Highway

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

The Bear Tooth Highway runs from Montana to Wyoming. It is an All-American Road that showcases engineering excellence. It is similar to Glacier National Park’s Going-to-the-Sun Road but much less crowded. The 68-mile road winds through an alpine pass for breathtaking views.

Although it isn’t as well-known as other Montana adventure routes in Montanan vacation spots, it’s still a must-see road. It is weather dependent and usually accessible between Memorial Day and Columbus Day (May to October). You can expect to spend much time along the highway’s 68-mile route. There are many beautiful landscapes and campsites along the way.

Whitefish Mountain Resort

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Whitefish Mountain Resort is another excellent place to ski in Montana. Although the resort is close to Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park, the ski slopes will have you imagining this Montanan vacation spot for years after you’ve left.

Whitefish Mountain Resort offers world-class skiing with ski-in- and ski-out accommodations. There are also onsite restaurants, bars, and shops. A short drive down the mountain takes you to one of Montana’s most beautiful small cities, beautifully displayed by downtown whitefish.

Montana Vacation Spots For Beer Lovers

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

If you are looking to sample a variety of craft breweries, then Billings and Missoula are great choices.

Missoula, located in western Montana, is a vibrant university town in the middle of the mountains. Billings, in the southeast corner of Montana, is the largest city in the state but is surrounded by valleys, farmland, and forests you  can visit during .

A Carousel for Missoula is another excellent option for a Montana vacation spots . It is located across from Tamarack Brewing Co. and is within walking distance of Conflux Brewing Co.

The Fort Peck Theatre

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Consider stopping by Cooke City if you are going to Yellowstone this year. It is located only a few minutes from the northeast entrance. It offers a relaxing atmosphere for tourists who want a break from their journey to the park. Be sure to stop by Montana vacation spot when you are there.

Flathead Lake

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Flathead Lake is just 15 minutes from Kalispell, Montana’s most significant natural freshwater lake. Glaciers created Flathead Lake.

Flathead Lake is Montana’s connection to the past. However, it also serves as a hub of sightseeing and recreation for the 21st century.

Sailing is also gaining popularity. You can rent or take lessons from many spots around Flathead Lake, Montana.

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West Yellowstone

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Although Yellowstone National Park’s famed Yellowstone National Park is located mainly in Wyoming, some entrances can be found in Montana. West Yellowstone is the most popular. As the name suggests, this is the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

The Yellowstone Museum’s extensive collection is West Yellowstone’s main draw. It also serves as an entry point to one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. You can find exciting souvenirs along Yellowstone Ave shops for affordable local food during Montana vacation spots.

National Elk Refuge Jackson

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

In the center of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is the National Elk Refuge. It protects and displays a critical winter habitat for Elk and a variety of other wildlife in Montana vacation spots.

The refuge is a popular destination for wildlife lovers and nature lovers. You can begin your tour by visiting the Jackson Hole Visitor’s Center, where you will be able to view an introduction video and receive all the latest information about the refuge during Montana vacation spots.


Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

It spans the Missouri River and is four miles wide. The dam created Fort Peck Lake, Montana’s largest lake. The lake is home to Montana’s annual Governor’s Cup Walleye Fishing Tournament.

The Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Centre and Museum have two large aquariums that showcase species of fish found in the Missouri River or Fort Peck Lake. A life-size model of Tyrannosaurus Rex, located nearby, is also on display at the museum of Montana vacation spots.

Enjoy a relaxing soak in Montana’s hot springs.

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Montana has many hot springs that invite you to relax among its natural beauty. Most of Montana’s hot springs are well-developed and have wild hot water. These hot springs can be found in Montana’s western part.

Anaconda’s Smelter Stack is visible.

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Anaconda is a historical town in Western Montana that dates back to the late 1800s copper mining days. The town’s history can be seen throughout, with a towering smelter stack visible on the horizon. It’s now a Montana vacation spots destination because of its rustic but modern attractions and easy access to the great outdoors.


Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Missoula is Montana’s second-largest city. It offers plenty of summer entertainment. The Snow Bowl ski area is just outside the city and provides a wide range of summer activities. Enjoy magnificent views as you ride the chairlift up the mountain before going down on foot or by mountain bike.

You can also enjoy a zip line or disc golf course. This makes it easy to spend a whole day outdoors. There are 22 miles of trails that you can explore in the town.


Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

The World Museum of Mining is where you can learn about Butte’s mining history. It features a replica of an 1890s mining community. Numerous trails lead to Beaverhead-Deer lodge National Forest, which offers many destinations, including ghost towns and alpine lakes.

Montana vacation spots Adventures offers ATV tours that allow you to explore the mountains around the city at a much faster pace. The Old Town of Butte has many historical buildings you can admire for a relaxing stroll. Stop by Farley and Mary Dees North Star Diner & Ice Cream after your walk for a delicious frozen treat.


Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

Kalispell, located just north of Flathead Lake, is a great place to spend your Montana vacation spots . Play a round of Buffalo Hill Golf Club or relax in the shade at Woodland Water Park. It features slides, a pool, and a lazy stream.

Hikers will find a way to get away from everything on the trails of Herron Park or Lone Pine State Park. You can explore Flathead Lake on a boat rental with Wild Wave Watercraft & Boat or Bigfork Outdoor Rentals. Flathead Lake State Park has many locations around the lake and offers excellent swimming and picnic spots for summer vacation.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Top 18 Best Montana Vacation Spots for All to See

One of America’s most famous military battles occurred at the Little Bighorn Battlefield. Here is where Custer’s Last Stand was held in 1876. It was between the United States of America and Native American tribes such as the Dakota, the Lakota, and the Northern Cheyenne.

Reenactments, which are held almost annually, remain a major draw for the area. The Little Bighorn Battlefield National in Montanan vacation spots  Monument is a great place to shop, eat, and enjoy water sports .


Which Montana attraction is your favorite?

Glacier National Park. The Crown of the Continent, Glacier National Park, is proudly displayed in Northwest Montana. This stunning area includes mountain ranges, alpine meadows, and thick forests. It also features countless sparkling lakes and numerous glaciers in Montana vacation spots.

What is Montana famous for?

Montana vacation spots is known for its beauty and diverse wildlife. It also has a wealth of natural mineral resources. It is also known as the “Treasure State.” Two of the most prominent features in the state are Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains.

Which month is best to visit Montana?

Montana’s summer months are between June & August. These are the best times to visit the state. It is also warm and sunny in July and August. And, it is ski season between December & March. Montana is known for its outdoor adventures, so these are the best times to enjoy nature and the optimal climate.

Bozeman Montana is so beloved.

Bozeman is a beautiful place to live because of its many outdoor recreational opportunities, low crime rates, and sense of community. Bozeman is one such example. Rural areas and mountain communities have been popular since the pandemic.