Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Dog – is it One of the Perfect Dogs?

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2022)

Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix dog – is it one of the perfect dogs?

Also known also border Aussies also known as Australian Collies crossbreed this breed is quite the complete package.

The designer dog is a blend of two purebred dogs famous for their herder skills – this animal is the Border Collie as well as Australian Shepherd. They’re both active as well as intelligent and loving dogs. But what do they fare with hybrid offspring?

Border Aussie is a mix of Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix dog, which makes them smart and affectionate. They require being active and energetic since they are prone to becoming bored very quickly.

This article can help you make an informed decision on what you can be expecting from the mix of the two dog breeds.

The stunning designer dog has two wonderful parents. One parent is a Border Collie and the other is an Australian Shepherd.

Two breeds are popular and dogs can be found in the US The following is some information concerning them. Border Collies are sometimes referred to as Scotch Sheepdogs.

The breed has been around in Scotland for quite a while and can trace its roots back to Viking or Roman invaders. the Border Collie, one of the top herding breeds, evolved by crossing a sheepdog and a spitz dog. They have been crossed over time between shepherds and man’s connection with shepherds.

He was a remarkable sheepdog that from the moment when he was born, displayed a remarkable capacity in the herd. the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix dog was recognized as a breed in the year 1995.

They aren’t difficult They have the brains of the German Shepherd or Poodle. Medium-sized dogs are between 18 and 22 inches tall and weigh between 30 and 45 pounds.

Dog breeds vary in terms of size as well as color, temperament, and numerous different qualities. the Manchester terrier has a coat that is short and medium. They shed, however, they also have two coats.

The Australian Shepherd’s Mix blends two extremes. Australian Shepherds are frequently called Aussies, but they’re not originally from Australia. They came from Spain and France close to the Pyrenees Mountains.

The Australian Shepherd mix dog combines the energy-packed Border Collie and the peaceful nature of a farm dog.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Dog

The breed was born in Wyoming and then incorporated into the culture of the cowboys. They’re known as Australian Shepherds however their origins are not known. It’s possible that they came from Europe.

The height of Schipperke is between 18 and 23 inches, and their weight ranges from 40-65 pounds. there are a variety of coat colors available for this breed of Welsh Corgi, some of that include red, black, or merle, or some combination of these with bicolor, white, or tricolour.

Breed Origin What is a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix dog?

There are two breeds of Australian Shepherd mix dogs. Australian Shepherd and Border Collie are both parts of the American Kennel Club’s Herding Group. They’ve had a long tradition of being developed to be used to herd animals, including cattle and sheep on farms and ranches.

Let’s begin to understand what we can expect from Border Aussies. Border Aussie better understands the benefits and peculiarities that come from two purebred parents.

Meet the most intelligent dog ever, the Border Collie. Border Collie

They are found on The Anglo Scottish Border, Border Collies were initially called”the Scotch Sheepdog. They result from mixing Viking-style herders with the Romans of old.

However, the origins of many Borders can be traced back to northern England in the 1890s. The dog known as Old Hemp is well-known for his smart and obedient sheepdog.

Many people were impressed by Old Hemp’s amazing qualities that they were looking for puppies that inherited his traits. He had around 200 puppies that carried his characteristics. This had a major effect on the Border Collie breed’s popularity when they were introduced to the US in the 1920s. In 1995, they were finally included in the AKC Herding group.

Borders fall into the medium range and have a strong but quick build. They stand between 18-22 inches (46 to 56 centimeters) and have a weight range of 30 to 45 pounds (14-20 kg) and females tend to be smaller and less heavy.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Dog

This breed is often found with hair that has a medium-length double coat, with feathering. Another type of hair is coarser, shorter, and has less feathering. Other colors Border Collies may have are solid (except white) and bi-colors, such as merles and tricolors.

While their pets’ fur is waterproof, ideal for the jobs they carry out in the shed.

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Meet the Extremely Focused Australian Shepherd

Also known for Aussies This dog was previously known under other names, such as New Mexican Shepherd, Spanish Shepherd as well as Californian Shepherd. It’s true, this dog isn’t Australian even though it is!

It is believed that the Australian Shepherds’ forefathers came from somewhere between France as well as Spain. The Basque Shepherds worked traveled and resided in Australia and then moved into Western America in the late 19th century.

Aussies are herding breeds that are an ideal choice for a cowboy to work on the cattle ranch. They are robust and agile dogs that have keen and sharp eyes.

They measure between 18 and 23 inches (46-58 cm) and weigh 40-65 pounds (18-29 kilograms). Australian Shepherds are usually found with either a straight or wavy coat. They could be found with long or moderate and feathered britches or their forelegs.

For hair color, there’s red, black as well as merle. A mixture of white, black, and tan (tricolor). As with Border Collies, they are shedders as well. They shed a lot every spring to shed the winter coat.

While this breed is extremely clever and has a massive motivation to work, however, they’re not suitable for all, particularly for uninitiated owners. Similar to Borders Aussies, some breeds possess an irresistible desire to herd everything that is moving – pets, cats, kids, and even birds. One of their traits is that they are aloof to humans by nature.

What is an Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Mix Appear like?

Border Australians are like Borders much more than Border Aussies are more like Australian Shepherds. They have large ears that are floppy on a mesocephalic head and eyes that are blue, brown, or green.

This kind of hybrid is susceptible to total homochromia (one eye is an entirely different color from one eye).

Like their fathers’ fierce gazes The Aussie Border cross has eye-catching eyes that are so powerful that they aren’t afraid to show their strength.

Coat and Border Aussie colors

Their hair is long, similar to Border Collies but may have the same texture as those of the Australian Shepherd. They sport the two-coat which is thick as well as waterproof.

Because of the breed’s parental wide array of coat colors, their offspring can have various shades also. A Border Collie & Australian Shepherd mix may be white and black gray, red, tricolor, red blue merle, and Sable.

Since they inherit both or one of the coat colors from their parents, Aussie Borders may or might not be white or tan marks. They could also be adorned with patterns like brindle, spotted and speckled.

How big do Australian Shepherds-Border Collie mixes get?

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Dog

Border Aussies are muscular bodies and are classified as middle to the largest part of the dog’s span.

A Border Collie and Australian mix puppy is mature or full size about 12 to 15 months old. Males are 19-23 inches (48 to 58 centimeters) with a weight of 35-65 pounds (16 to 29 kilograms). Females are a little smaller, in the range of 18-21 inches (46 to 53 centimeters), and weigh 30-50 kilograms (14 up to 23 kilograms).

If the Border Collie’s genetics are incorporated into a breed that is designed, the size and energy level will always be an important factors to consider in deciding what kind of home it’s suitable for.

Aussie & Border Collie crossbreeds require plenty of room to play together or by themselves. They’re better suited to be on a ranch, farm, or even a house that has an expansive yard. They can also live in an apartment so long as you’re in a position to give them the physical and mental stimulation they require.

Check out this short video featuring an Australian Shepherd Border Collie breed known as Secret along with owner Mary. The dog is extremely talented!

The character and personality of the Aussie Border

Many crossbreeds possess particular characteristics that are hard to identify since their purebred parents differ from one another.

The great thing about this mix has to do with the fact that Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd are very alike in their role as herding dogs.

The breed is lively, sweet, respectful, and loving Border Aussies and can be described as people-oriented dogs. If you’re worried about howling and howling it’s a calm breed with a peaceful temperament. They’re not likely to be noisy, except when they’re responding to something that excites them.

While this breed is a wonderful companion, they’re usually trying to pull its members including adults and children.

They make an arching loop around their human, before dropping to the floor. This pattern of behavior is what they’re bred to do or highlights the strength of their instincts to herd.

The hybrid’s powerful urge to join the herd is not without its good and negative aspects.

They could be a good fit for families with children since they may exhaust each other, as their Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix is fun and affectionate.

Those who are trained in a work environment might be shy to meet. It is best to prepare for when you add a pet who is a person who exudes confidence.

Learning for the Australian Shepherd & Border Collie mix

In addition to being able to shear, nip or become too secure around their family They’re also attracted by their curiosity. This is the reason why socialization and training are essential to Border Australians. The early exposure and training will ensure a tranquil family home, with children and other pets.

An expert handler is required to conduct the training. If you’ve got experience in dealing with dogs either in a herding or working line, take advantage of this opportunity to bond and train your dog.

There’s no need to worry about it, as you’re in good hands, as the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are both extremely intelligent breeds, as are their offspring from crossbreeds. These breeds are easily trained and are a pleasure to be around.

There’s no need to fret about having to repeat instructions because Aussie Borders can be fast learners. They learn efficiently through hand gestures and voice commands.

The owners of this breed are constantly coming up with new the latest challenges, tricks, and puzzles. Apart from discovering new activities and areas for your pet to play, you can also enjoy the possibility of flyball, agility, fetch, and many other dog games. These can all be great as jumping-off points to keep your pet entertained and healthy.

As with the Border Collie parent, the Aussie Border Collie cross is flexible and affectionate. Do not shout, scold or hit them as they could easily get injured or upset. Be gentle, but firm.

If you’re Border Aussie mix does something unacceptable, demarcate boundaries. Make sure he knows that this is not acceptable or only allowed during work.

Looking after a Border Collie Australian Shepherd cross

The handling of a dog with designer features like the Aussie-Collie can be very high maintenance, particularly when it comes to exercise.

Care for them involves mental and physical stimulation and grooming, but also grooming, nutrition, and keeping health problems on the horizon.

How do you Groom an Australian Shepherd Border collie mix breed

The shaggy dog, with its double coat, should be bathed only once a week. wash one time every 6 weeks or as needed.

When brushing, repeat the process at least 4 or 5 times using the Slicker-type brush to remove loose hairs out of the undercoat. This can also keep matting from happening and also distribute your coat’s oils.

Nails should be clipped only at least once per month to prevent them from becoming too long. This can be uncomfortable for dogs of all breeds.

Make sure to brush your pet’s teeth regularly But it’s also going to depend on the diet he is eating. If you’re feeding your pet chews for dental then daily brushing isn’t required.

A healthy diet and lifestyle for Aussie Borders

It is important to note how much food you feed your pet depends on the size, age, and degree of activity. Sometimes, health issues can be an issue.

In general, feeding an Australian Shepherd mix or a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix daily with dry food is a great diet. They also like fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks. If you’re planning to get this crossbreed to work, they’ll need the right dog food fit for herders. It should contain more protein to help maintain their endurance and provide energy to the herd.

Working Border Aussies require about 1,400 calories a day. That’s an extra 300 calories per day if you feed the breed as an animal to be kept as a pet in the house.

It is possible to feed a working dog with wet food due to the protein added. Be aware that they contain more fat. Dry food items are better to feed.

You should be prepared to set aside a minimum of 90 minutes each day to exercise your dog. It shouldn’t be simply a walk and runs, such as hiking.

They’ll thrive best when they run in broad, open spaces to be in a position to run as quickly as they’d like.

After you’ve taught your dog mix to stay close to you for exercise or training off-leash walks can be conducted since humans will be unable for the same pace.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix health problems

Aussie Borders tend to be healthy. However, as with all crossbreeds, the breed can inherit ailments from their parents.

One of the most common diseases that Borders can be able to pass on to their group includes Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA). It’s an eye disease that is hereditary which can be a problem for other sheepdogs as well. The reason for this is that eye development is not being completed properly and may result in blindness.

Deafness can also be found among Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. The condition, which includes blindness, is typically related to the Merle gene. It is most often seen at around four years old. it isn’t curable.

There are joint issues or hip dysplasia. It’s also a common problem among Aussies and Borders which often causes the pain of arthritis and even lameness. Even if it’s not treatable, hydrotherapy or painkillers can help.

If you ensure that you ensure that your Aussie Collie is eating balanced food and lifestyle they could live from 12 and fifteen years. The life expectancy for them is 13 years.

Where to purchase an Australian Shepherd Border cross collie puppy

If you mix Borders with Australians, the typical litter size is between 4 and 9 puppies. Each puppy costs around $1000. It is typical to bring home puppies when they’re about 7 to 8 weeks old.

Before you are ready to purchase a Border Collie & Aussie mix, do thorough research regarding the breed and those who wish to sell or relocate them.

Find all the necessary information regarding the Australian Shepherd and Border Collie, parents. You can ask them to visit and observe the surroundings and observe how the litter of their parents is behaving. This can help you see the way they’re treated and taken care of.

Request to look over health certificates that have been signed by a licensed vet who has confirmed that the breed’s parents completed eye tests and have lower hip and elbow scores.

Border Collie x Aussie mix breeders

The majority of Aussie Borders are sold by breeders who breed the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie.

For help in beginning the search process for a pet that will be a good family companion or a dog that can work look through the following Border Collie and Australian Shepherd breeder’s sites:

  • Milky Way Border Australians
  • Kittelson Kennel (Dufur, OR)
  • Hilltop Farm (Crete, IL)

Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix Rescue and Adoption

When someone needs an animal, adopting or rescuing furry angels is the ideal choice. Most end in shelters because the previous owners weren’t able to manage them any longer or couldn’t manage how their dog grew when they were over that puppy stage.

Adopting will save the life of a pet. You’ll give another loving pet the chance to perform what they are best at Be your best friend.

These websites have Border Collie mixes and Australian Shepherd crossbreeds that would make you fall in love with these breeds:

  • Aussie And Me Animal Rescue (Sarasota, FL)
  • Midwest Border Collie Rescue (Midwest US)
  • Aussie Rescue SoCal (Perris, CA)
  • Utah Herding Breed Rescue

The verdict is the Border Collie-Australian shepherd mix the right one way for your needs.

Friendlyhighly intelligenteasy to train, and very obedient This is not a surprise that this breed has become more and more popular with families.

Be prepared to work with a dog who is determinedcurious, and extremely active.

Do not allow this dog to become bored, or else it’ll end up chewing on the home. They need a lot of physical exercises, mental stimulation, and a pet owner who will strive to keep up.

They’re suitable for owners with previous experience dealing with herding or working dogs and for houses that provide lots of space. They should be able freely and safely to prevent the accumulation of energy.

Don’t be unafraid to test your Aussie Border Collie crossing. They’ll love trying new places, things, and even experiences.

Do you have the necessary qualities to possess a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix? Tell us your thoughts about this breed with us in our comments.

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