Canada Job Work Permit: Types and Eligibility

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2022)

Canada Job Work Permit: Types and Eligibility. Canada has become one of the top choices for individuals to explore for education and employment opportunities in recent years.

Its multicultural, multilingual, and cosmopolitan society magnetizes many migrants every year.

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Canada has more than 70 immigration options currently focused on enabling talented immigrants to move to the nation for work. The first step to migrating to this count for employment would be applying for a work permit.

Canada job work permits are of distinctive types, depending on the occupation of the immigrant and their reason for entering the country.

For example, suppose you are shifting to Canada as a software engineer for a certain period and a unionized and well-paid job.

In that case, you have to apply for an Employer Specific Work Permit ideally.

Work permits for Canada are broadly categorized into two types.

Based on your profession and qualification, your job might fall under anyone among them.

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Type of Work Permits in Canada


Openwork Permit

The immigration office of Canada issues an open work permit to immigrants who desire to work for any employer in the country for a particular period.

Available Work Permits can further be divided into two types, restricted and unrestricted.

The latter allows you to work in any location and under any occupation, while the former does not.

With a limited work permit, you can work in a specific job and won’t have much freedom of movement when working in diverse regions of Canada.

Temporary Work Permits for Partners or Spouses, Temporary Resident Permit, Post-Graduation Work, and World Youth Program Permit are some of the types of work permits considered to come under Open Work Permits.

Canada also has multiple visa programs that use such work permits, such as Young Professionals Visa, Working Holiday Visa, and International Experience Canada visa.

Employer-specific Work Permit

 This Canada job work permit enables international employees to work for a particular employer and a specific period.

This type of work permit shall be subjected to a job offer by an employer in Canada supported by a positive LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment.

Details needed by the IRCC [Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada] to issue an Employer-specific Work Permit includes:

✔ The name of the employer

✔ The duration of the employment

✔ The work site or location

Apart from the options mentioned above, there is also the Bridging Open Work Permit.

That is a particular type of work permit that allows you to work in Canada while waiting for your permanent resident application results.

Typically, you can qualify for this permit if you have applied under any of the popular permanent residence programs in the country.

Canadian Job Work Permit Eligibility

Your eligibility for getting a work permit for Canada shall vary based on diverse factors, such as the location from where the applications have been made.

Conversely, regardless of the type of work permit you apply for, you must meet specific important criteria. They include:

  • Proof of leaving Canada after the expiration of the work permit
  • Proof of minimum required funds
  • Record of no criminal activity. You might be requested to submit a police clearance certificate.
  • Report of medical examinations that indicate that you are in good health
  • Not being a danger to Canadian security.
  • Not working for an ineligible employer.
  • Provide additional documents, if asked

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Forms Needed to Acquire a Canada Job Work Permit

To get a Canada job work permit, you shall have to submit many documents and forms.

Canada Job Work permit application

All the forms needed by the IRCC should be duly completed, signed, and dated before submission.

  • Here are some of the applications you might have to submit:
  • Canadian work visa application made Outside of Canada (IMM 1295)
  • Family Information Form
  • Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union (IMM 5409)
  • Use of a Representative (IMM 5476)

Documents Needed for a Work Permit in Canada  

  • Payment of the application processing fee
  • A valid passport with a photocopy of the information page that includes:
  1. Issuance and expiry dates
  2. Passport number
  • Applicants’ photograph, date, name, and place of birth
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Proof of current immigration status
  • Photocopy of Marriage Certificate, if applicable
  • Proof of eligibility for the Canada job work permit offered

In addition to the documents mentioned, there can be specific other documentation requested by the visa office.

The best immigration consultants in Hyderabad could help you competently navigate acquiring a work permit in Canada.