Top Tips For Collecting Firewood for Winter Season

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2022)

Collecting firewood is very important to stay independent for heating your place during the winter season.

But collecting firewood maybe not be that easy for all.

Most people prefer to search for firewood sellers from where they can purchase the firewood.

It is one of the most expensive choices for collecting firewood. By learning a few tips and tricks, you can save hundreds of dollars every year.

Tips For Collecting Firewood for Free:


Know Right Place for Firewood Collection

You should make a list of places where you can probably get the firewood for no cost or at a very reasonable price.

During heavy wind or storm, trees and branches fall.

You can take advantage of fallen branches and trees by converting them into firewood. 

If you do not have a yard, then you can check your neighbors.

You can help them in removing the fallen branches and trees from their yard. In return, you can take firewood for free.

Some tree service providers also offer free firewood to people. 

You need to find these professionals and get free firewood.

If you live in Sydney, search free firewood Sydney online to find the tree contractors who offer firewood for zero cost. Both state and federally managed forests provide.

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  • Cut Overgrown Branches in Yard

To collect the firewood, you can cut branches of the trees in your yard.

But you should invest in one chainsaw and know how to use it effectively.

When you know how to use a chainsaw, you can easily cut down the tree’s branches. 

Keep in mind that handling a saw is a challenging task, and you should practice it before using it.

If your neighbor needs help cutting overgrown branches, you can help them and collect firewood in return.


  • Visit Construction Site

The construction site is the best place for the collection of firewood for free.

At the construction site, some trees need to be cut down.

You will get the opportunity to collect the firewood, and you do not need to invest even a single penny.

People at the construction site want someone to remove the fallen trees. 

By reaching the construction site at the right time, you can help them remove the fallen trees and take them away from the construction.

Make sure to take permission from the owners of the site before starting the collection of wooden logs.


  • Collect Firewood at Sawmill

The essential purpose of the sawmill is to produce usable timber by using tree logs.

At sawmills, the entire part of the tree logs is not used.

You can take advantage of it and collect the scraps at the mill. 

Owners are sawmills looking for someone who can help them in removing the leftovers.

You can reach there and collect the scrap as firewood.

You will get the chance to collect free firewood, and the sawmill owner will not have to spend extra money for disposing of waste.

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Firewood Storage:

Once you have collected the firewood, the next important step is the proper storage of firewood.

Collection of firewood is an essential part, and it takes a lot of effort. If you fail to store the firewood properly, then all your efforts will be useless. 

Therefore, you should learn the right steps for the proper storage of the firewood.

Your firewood must be adequately seasoned before its usage. Read and implement the following tips for firewood storage: 


  • Split Your Wood

The biggest mistake done by people is storing firewood without splitting.

The round wooden logs take too much time to season. Therefore, you should split the wooden logs before storing them.


  • Never Store Firewood on Bare Ground

The second biggest mistake done by people is storing firewood on bare ground.

It can be problematic in the seasoning process because moisture in the soil can lead to the rotting of firewood.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should split the wooden logs and store them over the platform.


  • Cover Your Firewood Stack

It would help if you protected your firewood stack from rain and moisture.

Therefore, you should store your firewood stack inside the shed, or there should be a roof for cover.

Usually, the seasoning of firewood takes various months.

Thus, during the seasoning process, the firewood stack will pass through different seasons.

It is your responsibility to protect your firewood from heavy wind, rain, and moisture.



There are various ways to collect firewood for free. Once you have correctly collected the firewood, the next step is proper seasoning.

It would help if you protected the firewood stacks from moisture and rain to protect them from rotting.