Create Facebook Widget For Website

How To Create Facebook Widget For Website

Facebook is 17 years old. Yet, it has become a mainstream social media platform that is trusted and loved by all. We are saying this because even after platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook has still managed to be everyone’s first love.

With the power Facebook holds, marketers have identified this fantastic strategy for brands to create better content reach and generate better results.

The idea is to embed Facebook Widgets on the website. These Facebook widgets enable brands to showcase their preferred Facebook content on their website.

So, are you wondering why anyone would do that? Keep reading to find out!

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Why Create Facebook Widget For Websites?

While brands are trying to improve their websites, brainstorming to create content that captivates the website visitors, Facebook Widget comes as the ultimate breakthrough. 

Facebook Widget adds the uniqueness that you have been trying to bring to your website.

It engages the website visitors and encourages them to stay longer, improving your website dwell time and sending out positive signals to the search engine ranking pages. 

You get to introduce your Facebook presence to your website visitors, which improves your following when your visitors visit your Facebook page and follow it to keep receiving the content.

Besides, when you embed user-generated content with the Facebook Widget, it adds to the credibility of your website. UGC is raw and transparent.

That’s what makes this content stand out and fun to engage with.

Ways To Create Facebook Widget For Website

There are many options available in the market to create your Facebook Widget and embed them on your website.

Now, there are many website CMS options available in the market.

This blog brings you embedding options compatible with any and every website CMS so that you don’t feel left out.

Using Tools:

  1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a wholesome tool that lets you aggregate, moderate, customize, and embed your content. Moreover, you get to avail all these features within a single device.

First, Taggbox Widget offers a social media aggregator tool that enables you to fetch your preferred Facebook feed in the Taggbox widget dashboard. 

From there, you get the advanced moderation feature to filter out irrelevant or repeated content.

Further, you get the customization feature to create Facebook widgets to give a vibrant look to your website with several layouts, themes, fonts, and color options available.

Once done, you can seamlessly generate the embed code that you can copy and paste on the backend of your website.

The best part is that you also get advanced analytics that helps you track the performance of the Facebook Widget for the website to know what works the best for your audience and make the changes accordingly.

  1. Tagembed

Tagembed also has a Facebook aggregator tool to collect posts from Facebook & modify all the posts before you showcase them on the website.

These steps help you to remove unwanted posts. 

You get several customization options to customize the Facebook feed like designs, layouts, themes, banners, etc.

In addition, Tagembed enables code-free integration, making the embedding process seamless for the user, without any coder required. 

Additionally, you get analytics to understand the performance of your Facebook widget and modify the content that engages website visitors the most.

Not only that, Tagembed has embedding options compatible with many website CMS.

Facebook’ Embedding Option:

Facebook has its embedding option that allows you to generate an embed code directly from your post.

You can navigate to the position that you wish to embed, and from there, you can click on the arrow from the top right corner of the post. 

You will get the embed code option, click on the code, and the embed code will appear.

Copy and paste this generated code on the backend of your website where you wish to make this post appear. 

This embedding feature by Facebook is free of cost, but the only drawback is that you get to embed only one post at a time.

Besides, many tools are available in the market to add an entire Facebook Widget for your website.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Looking at the dominance of social media, the Facebook widget has to be the number one solution if you wish to create a unique website experience for your website visitors.

Believe it or not, your prospects who want to know about your brand will visit your website to know better, make sure you create an excellent first impression on them.

Now that we have reached the end of this blog, we hope you understand Facebook widgets better.

Why you must add the Facebook widget for the website, and ways you can embed them into your website.