Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development

Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development: If you look at Google Analytics, you will find people looking for a web design company and a web development agency. Why is that? Was there a difference? So, even though the term has been used interchangeably, with only a slight difference in how they describe their services.

However, website design and development have two fundamentally different website-building processes, requiring two unique skill sets to carry out. Why is this distinction important, and how does it affect your company’s website? (Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development).

Web development vs. web design-Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development.

To be precise, the art of web design refers to the aesthetic appeal of your website and its usability. Web designers utilize several design programs to create the layout, menu, and other visual aspects of the website, using Adobe Photoshop.

Web developers, on the opposite, take a website design and turn it into a functioning website. The website design is a blueprint for them to work off of. They use HTML Tags, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and other programming languages to make design files useful, if not more functional and optimized. (Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development).

Web design – a more elaborate look

Web designers always start by considering the objectives of the client he is working for, and the goal it are trying to achieve. Then they move on to information architecture to set a website’s information hierarchy and guide the design process.

Web designers then start by creating wireframes, thus subsequently shifting to the design phase. Web designers can use some of the Dallas web design principles to create an aesthetically appealing layout that can also provide a smooth and easy user experience. 


Principles of design

Balance: web designers must create a layout that can balance different aspects of aesthetic appeal. There are heavy and light elements in web design, which refer to large and dark colors, and small and lighter colors. The correct balance of both is crucial in achieving the perfect site design. 

Contrast: the color theory states that the colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel are the ones that complement each other the most. Web design focuses on such contrast in a way that stands out to the user.

There are other places where applicable differences, such as sizes, shapes, and textures, help draw attention to specific sections of the website. (Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development)

Emphasis: the emphasis is a principle of design to highlight important parts of the website layout, and of course, works in tandem with the previous two points.

If you try emphasizing everything on a page, you will end up unable to highlight anything. Emphasis determines direction.

Consistency: also known as rhythm or repetition, this is one of the most crucial web design principles. For example, instead of messy and changing navigation rules, clean and consistent navigation is best suited for an excellent user experience. 

Unity: the relationship between the individual parts mentioned above and other aspects gives the final product its polish.

Web Development – what it’s all about

Web developers or programmers take the design as the blueprint and build a fully functional and usable website. That, to simplify it, means that the website design is simply what the website will look like, but the developers add functionality to everything you see on the screen, like the links and menu, and so on.

They use either only HTML or utilize other programming languages to take it in a more dynamic direction. For example, they might use PHP to develop various website pages. 

More advanced web developers will use a content management system or CMS like Joomla or WordPress to streamline their development and allow clients to find an easy way to access, maintain and update their websites. (Difference Between Web Designing And Web Development).

Web developers take your static layout, break it into its components, and make it a dynamic website with the help of images and content sliders, activating links and buttons, and making it more interactive.

Final thoughts

Probably, this has encouraged you to clear up any confusion between the two terms, and you will be able to choose the right services for you successfully.