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What bidding strategy should Tracy, a pizzeria owner, use to get more people to call her business?

What bidding strategy should Tracy, a pizzeria owner, use to get more people to call her business?

Option 1. Cost Per Acquisition

Option 2. Cost Per View

Option 3. Cost Per Click

Option 4. Cost-per-thousand-impressions

The correct answer:

Option 1. Cost Per Acquisition

Operating a pizzeria isn’t simple. You must put in lots of effort and create business strategies to ensure that customers call you for placing orders. This is not enough, and you might have issues operating your business efficiently.

Tracy is the proprietor of an eatery. She has a problem attracting customers. She’s not able to determine the best bidding strategy for this situation. What bidding strategy can Tracy the owner of a pizzeria employ to attract more customers to come to her company? This is the place where I’ll answer this question in depth.

Cost-per-view (CPV):

CPV can be described as a bidding technique employed for video advertising that requires you to pay for each view. Your video needs to be watched, interacted with, and viewed for 30 seconds or a shorter duration if less than 30 seconds in duration by the person watching it before it can be considered a viewing. CTA overlays (CTAs) banners and cards are considered to be interactions that occur with your video.

You can decide on the amount you wish to pay for each click-by setting CPV bids. These bids will let Google what amount you are willing to pay. The maximum bid for CPV could be set when you create your advertising group.

You’ll need to pay at least equal to or less than the amount you’re paying. This is contingent on the bids offered by other advertisers. It is necessary to use TrueView video ads to choose to use CPV bidding.

Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM):

CPM, also known as cost-per-thousand-impressions, is typically referred to in the form of cost per mile. On a single website cost, 1000 advert impressions are referred to as CPM. Imagine you’re a website editor and charge $2.

Thus, advertisers have to pay $2 for every 1,000 impressions of their advertisements. For web ads that are priced this approach is widespread. By calculating the click-through rates, the success of the campaign is assessed. The percentage of people who have seen the advertisements is called its click-through rate. more info

If, for every 100 impressions that the ads receive two clicks, the click-through rate is 2percent. However, this CTR isn’t the only way to measure the performance of a CPM. It still contributes even if you only click an ad but don’t look at it.

Cost-per-click (CPC):

Another term for this technique is pay-per-click (PPC) which is utilized by websites to charge by calculating the number of times that an advertisement is clicked by a user. A different option is CPM which we mentioned earlier.

The majority time this technique is employed to determine the daily budget. And when the advertiser has reached their budget, the advertisement is then taken off its rotation during the remainder of the duration of the billing time. For instance, when a website has a CPC cost of just 20 cents and provides 2500 click-throughs, it could cost upwards of $400.

This is the process of multiplying the amount of money by the number of click-throughs ( $0.20 multiplied by 2000). The advertiser is paid the amount that is set by the formula or bid process. CPI is one of these methods.

The amount a publisher of websites receives each time a paid ad is clicked on is what CPC is. The business that is carried out online is based on advertisements. Be aware that publishers frequently search for third-party companies to pair them up with advertisers. The most prominent third party in this regard is Google AdWords.

Cost-per-acquisition (CPA):

CPA is also known as cost-per-acquisition is also referred to in the field of cost per action. When a consumer takes actions that result in exchange, the total cost is referred to as CPA. Conversions can refer to one of the sales, or it could also constitute an installation download, or click.

At a channel level, or in a campaign, it is possible to get a customer to pay by calculating overall costs. When you pay CPA you will receive a direct benefit. This is why CPA is extremely important. In this way, you’ll be able to also compare results across channels. Read more

For instance, for your online shop, launch a marketing advertisement on Google with a spending budget of $750. At the time you finish the campaign, you’re likely to make 20 sales. By dividing $700 by 20 sales, you’ll get a CPA of 35 percent. The budget you’ve assigned to find a client is the primary factor in this case. It is important to know the lifetime value of your customers. The reason is it is the amount of money that a user could spend on your site.

What’s what is the Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment Certification Exam?

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