Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

St. Simons Golden Island is a beautiful place to vacation and visit. It boasts stunning beaches, fascinating historic sites, and outdoor activities. It is the most populous of Georgia’s Golden Isles. It is located between Savannah, Jacksonville, and the scenic southeast coast of Georgia.

Despite its small size, the island has a fascinating history, with all three primary cultures having fought for it. The isle’s many centuries-old forts and churches, as well as its plantations, lighthouse, and other landmarks, offer valuable insight into the country’s history.

Wesley Memorial & Gardens

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

The Wesley Memorial & Gardens is tucked away between Christ Church and Fort Frederica, two of the most popular attractions on the island. The memorial is the centerpiece of its winding path, which takes you through beautiful lush landscapes and natural beauty.

It was named after John and Charles Wesley founded the nearby Methodist Church. The monument and gardens were dedicated in 1988. Its beautiful green spaces were a tribute to their efforts in Georgia during the 1700s when they ministered to soldiers and settlers at Fort Frederica.

Golden Isles Welcome Center

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family


Before you begin your exploration of the island, it is worth stopping at the Golden Isles Welcome Center You will find more information on all of the area’s theme parks, activities, and festivities. Some brochures include details about restaurants and other establishments.

The modern, shiny center is located north of the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport. You can find it along Interstate 95 when you go into town. The interior is light and airy and features beautiful paintings of the Golden Isles. A gift shop sells souvenirs specific to the state or St. Simons Island.

World War II Home Front Museum

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

The World War II Home Front Museum is a fascinating museum that focuses on the extraordinary contributions of Coastal Georgia to the Second World War. It offers artifacts, historical photos, and interactive experiences that guests can enjoy.

The charming St. Simons Coast Guard Station, built in 1936, is located just inland of East Beach and the Atlantic. Its well-done exhibits are well placed. You’ll discover everything you need to know about building Liberty ships, supplying troops overseas, and even how rescue survivors from sinking American ships.

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Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

Kayaking is an excellent way to explore the gorgeous scenery of St Simons. Excursions are sure to delight outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. You’ll see fantastic fauna and flora and be rewarded with breathtaking views wherever you go.

Coastal Georgia’s unique ecology makes it a beautiful place to kayak, with its many barrier islands and a fascinating mix of rivers, marshes, and inlets The Golden Isles are one of the most famous kayaking vacation spots in the South. Many tour companies offer trips and rent kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards at launch points along the coast.

Jekyll Island

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family


Another island is located just across Saint Simons Sound that you should visit if possible: Jekyll Island It is a state park that protects the natural beauty and rich history of the area. The scenic environments provide a wide variety of outdoor tasks and watersports.

It is accessible by car as one of only a few Georgia barrier islands. It is separated from the mainland by the East River, which runs along the coast. There are beautiful beaches and sandbars. Many people visit the island to sunbathe, swim and cycle around it. There are also a few cozy campsites strewn about.

East Beach

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

East Beach is a great place to unwind after all the outdoor activities and sightseeing. It is located on the ocean side, and its soft sands make it a great place to relax, fish, or kiteboard in the water.

It faces the Atlantic, and its sun-kissed beaches stretch from Gould’s Inlet to the north to Pier Village to the South. You will find the St. Simons Coast Guard Station, its WWII museum, the sophisticated King and Prince Resort, and the picturesque Massengale Park.

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Trolley Tours

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

Trolley Tours are an excellent way to see more of St Simons. These delightful drive-by tours will help you learn more about the rich history of the Old South. They take you past historic landmarks, cultural landmarks, and natural areas.

Simons Trolley Company offers friendly and fun tours with Bunny the Southern Belle and Kevin the King. They entertain guests with humorous stories and anecdotes term cover almost 400 years’ worth of history.

Fishing Pier

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family


The Fishing Pier is a peaceful spot that looks out onto Saint Simons Sound. It’s a great place to walk, fish, and enjoy breathtaking ocean views. It is located at the end of Mallery Street. It is the center of Pier Village, buzzing with activity all day.

Tray tables and water hoses are scattered along the concrete walls for crabbers and fishermen to use. The St. Simons Bait & Tackle Shop is located at the beginning of the pier Permits, tackle, bait, and other fishing supplies are all available.

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Go Biking

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

Many people also bike along the many trails, paths, and beaches scattered around St Simons and take memorable kayak and trolley tours. Cycling is a convenient way to travel and allows tourists to view all the sights. Many shops rent bikes to tourists in the golden isles.

It boasts more than 30 miles of biking paths to explore, making it a popular pastime for locals and tourists. Its user-friendly online maps can easily explore its pristine marshland, picturesque neighborhoods, and historical sights.

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Christ Church

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

Christ Church is one of the island’s most photographed and famous landmarks. It can be found next to Fort Frederica and the Wesley Memorial in St Simons It is surrounded by lush green gardens and a peaceful cemetery, making it a peaceful location.

Christ Church was only built in 1823, even though Frederica was founded by James Oglethorpe in 1736. The current building dates back however to 1884. Union troops nearly destroyed the old one during the American Civil War.

St. Simons Lighthouse

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

At the southern tip of the island is the stunning St. Simons Lighthouse. It is one of the most important buildings. It is a beloved landmark that offers stunning views of the Sound and Sea and has interesting artifacts from its long-standing history.

Confederate troops destroyed the original 1811 lighthouse during wartime. The tower is 104 feet high and was constructed in 1872. This brightly lit, white structure offers stunning views and rises high above the coast.


 Fort Frederica

Golden Isles Best Places to Visit with Family

Fort Frederica is the most prominent attraction in St Simons, located next to the river of the same name. It is now a National Monument. It is fascinating to view the crumbling remains of Fort Frederica. The archaeological site provides an amazing insight into America’s history.

James Oglethorpe built both the fortification and the surrounding town in 1736-1742. This was done in defense of the British colony’s Southern boundary, which is the first in the country, against Spanish raids and incursions from Florida.