3 Advanced Uses for Gravity Forms in WordPress

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2022)

Choosing a top form-builder plugin is the first step to utilizing them in the WordPress website. If you’re a fan of Gravity Forms booking, you’ll have the benefit of access to plenty of pre-built form fields as well as an extensive library of Add-Ons.

You may quickly and easily design custom forms for your website by using these tools.

Gravity Forms in WordPress allows you to develop complex forms with a wide range of features such as data saving, adding logic, e-commerce, and others.

Contact Forms are quite beneficial for any website, no matter what niche you’re dealing in.

Gravity forms are reasonably priced because they are divided into Basic, Pro, and Elite versions. Gravity Forms is also simple to set up, mobile-friendly, and feature-rich.

They’re a quick and easy way to enrich your email list, gather client feedback, and make it easier for people to contact you.

What IS Gravity Forms In WordPress?

Contact Forms particularly in WordPress can be time-consuming to build. Creating custom fields for users to fill out the required information needs a significant amount of coding in order to develop a form in another platform.

Using pre-built forms, on the other hand, can restrict the number of fields you can include.

Even though Gravity Forms is marketed as a plugin for creating forms, it is much more than that.

Gravity Forms is compatible with a wide variety of popular web services and leading apps including Mailchimp, Slack, HubSpot, and Zapier all fall within this category.

Innovation and dynamic operation capacity are the best way to describe the Gravity Forms network. You can find regular upgrades and 5-star customer service of Gravity Forms as the two most lauded features.

It’s also possible to build WordPress-based websites and apps with Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms Limelight Feature

Its feature set is one of the popular reasons to download gravity form as a WordPress plugin. When considering gravity forms, you should be aware of some of the fundamental and sophisticated aspects that will be discussed in this article.

Here you’ll find the 3 advanced uses of gravity form in WordPress.

Easy to Manage in WordPress

When it comes to ease of use, Gravity Forms has covered you in a different way. An intuitive visual form editor (Drag & Drop) is the exclusive tool designed for complex forms and is easily available in all types of versions.

The form editor has been completely redesigned in version 2.5 to make it even more user-friendly. A fly-out design panel with conditional logic options has provided lots of room for managing complex rules and managing configuring fields.

A search bar is included in the form editor so you can quickly identify the fields you need without having to scroll through a long list. You don’t have to add CSS classes when dragging and dropping fields into columns.

As a result, the process of creating forms is simplified and more efficient.

Gravity Forms Boost Engagement with Your Visitors

Forms are essential to consider when creating WordPress websites in order to gain trust and effectively sell products to your visitors.

If you want to ensure that your data collecting is seamless and entertaining for your consumers, you should consider purchasing a high-quality plugin.

That’s why Gravity Forms is a great choice – it’ll help your forms reach new dimensions. Every aspect of the form engages user engagement and inputs their responses; it can be completely customized by using this tool.

Gravity Forms can let you create handy contact forms, email sign-ups, and even sales forms for your WordPress site.

Make Your Website More Stylish

Gravity Forms will make your website look better and more periodic. Designed from the ground up for developing forms, Gravity Forms streamlines the process and produces impressive results!

Conditional logic, an anti-spam honeypot, and its 3rd party integration help to keep your forms looking clean and professional while they’re hard at work collecting information.

Gravity Forms is a feature-rich plugin with hundreds of customization options. While Gravity Forms offers a wide range of form types and extensive functionality, it is still incredibly simple to use.

A Wide Range Of Options And The Ability To Adapt

Its extensibility and adaptability are two of Gravity Forms’ most powerful features. Gravity Forms can integrate with a wide range of popular applications thanks to a variety of extensions.

Gravity Forms extensions developed by third-party, certified developers extend the functionality of Gravity Forms.

These extensions can accomplish various things, such as displaying submitted forms to users, exporting data to PDF, and conducting complex calculations on the data.

Membership websites, e-commerce sites, staff management systems, and more may all be built on top of Gravity Forms in WordPress.

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Gravity Forms Pricing

When you buy Gravity Forms for WordPress, you’ll discover a slew of premium add-ons included with your subscription. There are three distinct license types available for Gravity Forms in WordPress:

  • $59 for Basic
  • $159 for Pro
  • $259 for an Elite Membership

Notably, all of them are yearly contracts that must be renewed each year to stay active.

Depending on your subscription level, you’ll have access to fewer or more add-ons. Depending on your level, you may have access to such features as:

  • Mailchimp
  • CRM that responds quickly to change
  • Freshbooks
  • DropBox
  • Payments are processed through PayPal Commerce.
  • Stripe
  • Trello

Remember that the vast library you get with a license includes many more integrations and features than are listed here. It’s possible to do a wide range of activities right from your website with these add-ons and the form system.


There are plentiful advantages to using Gravity Forms, even at the free level. It’s well worth the money to upgrade to the pro or elite level. Particularly if you frequently fill out forms or require more complex forms.

The customizability of Gravity Forms in WordPress means you may create a different form for each of your site requirements. You may create as many forms for your website as you like with only one membership.

It’s easy to make your forms more engaging for your users by using Gravity Forms Add-Ons available with our Basic, Pro, or Elite plans.

Additionally, because each plan includes everything you need, it’s a better deal than buying Add-Ons one at a time.