A 2023 Guide to AWS Certifications

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2022)

AWS Certifications:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a well-known cloud platform and home to a set of cloud computing services that have widened career opportunities in the domain of cloud computing. 

 There are five separate certifications, and each one of them opens the way to improved career opportunities, including many role-centric learning paths for AWS certification.

These paths assist in creating cloud skills and go ahead towards AWS Certification with the suitable route. 


A few of the learning paths which are role-centric are:

Developer Learning Path 

This is arranged for software developers looking to learn how to advance cloud applications on AWS machine learning dumps. It also aids in furthering and enhancing technical skills. 

Cloud Practitioner Learning Path 

This path is created for people who would like to build and verify the thorough analysis of the AWS Cloud. That is of great use for people in sales, technical, purchasing, managerial, or financial designations who routinely work with AWS. 

Architect Learning Path

This learning path is organized for solution design engineers, solutions architects, and just about anyone who would like to learn the process of designing systems and applications on AWS. It will assist you in building technical skills as you go further ahead on the path of AWS Certification.

Operations Learning Path

This one is designed for system administrators, SysOps administrators, and AWS DevOps Cloud certification people.

It will be simple for you to learn how to build repeatable and automated application deployments, systems, and networks on the AWS platform.  click to read more


Advantages of AWS Certifications:

A few benefits of AWS Certifications are:

An AWS Expert will train you. It will help you build your technical skills from a certified instructor via online or in-person courses.

  • You will learn at your own pace. Choose any on-demand training which matches your role, expertise level, and solution area. 
  • Select your Learning Path and carry out the cloud skills building and go ahead toward AWS Certification. 
  • Authenticate your AWS Cloud skills and improve credibility with credentials that are recognized within the industry. 

These are a few of the advantages of AWS Certification.

Job Possibilities of AWS Certifications: 

As per Forbes, AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate is the top-ranked AWS certification course. Additionally, in a worldwide survey 2019, an average salary of $139,529 as a Solutions Architect is among the top among professionals well versed in utilizing these technologies.

Candidates will have the possibility of earning big bucks that could cross $100,000 by acquiring any AWS certifications.

Skills specifically related to Solution Architect, which employers search for, include opting for the right AWS services for their business needs, designing on AWS, entering and exiting data from the AWS, evaluating AWS costs, and understanding cost-control strategies for your organization. 

On a global scale, there are 380,000 plus cloud computing jobs in the IT domain only.

Although AWS Cloud computing permeates every business department, the requirement for certified and qualified cloud security professionals is growing every day.

AWS is, at present, the frontrunner with the majority of companies invested or thinking of investing in AWS Cloud developer services and tools. That is a definite sign that better days are ahead if you are committed to AWS. 


Why Should You Get an Amazon Web Services Certification?

With the aid of more than 175 services, AWS is a popular cloud computing platform that has been absorbed by companies worldwide.

An AWS certification validates your expertise and knowledge with the technology and tools of the current platform.

In addition, domains such as server infrastructure, cloud computing, and data science are highly sought-after, so an AWS certification will give you a definite edge, regardless of whether you want a job or want to get in your employer’s good books. 

AWS DevOps Cloud Certification training provides different paths depending on your personal goals and requirements.

You can build a broad basic outline, lean towards a technical domain or gain specialization in areas like machine or security learning.

The preconditions for AWS certification courses are just suggestions – not necessities. You generally require hands-on experience or equal expertise to pass every exam. 

Amazon offers many courses to assist you in learning AWS topics and getting ready for the actual examinations. The program is continually expanding and growing.

In December 2020, Amazon made public new AWS training programs, including the advancement of free classes.

At the basic level, anybody adept at AWS must be skilled in the basic foundational level of AWS training and certification to know the security, cost models, advantages, and plethora of other services.