How Do You Hold Out Virtual Exhibition?

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2022)

Hold Out Virtual Exhibition: With the increasing popularity of virtual environments and virtual events, there has been an uptick in virtual exhibitions.

Virtual exhibitions are an effective means to share content and valuable information with your target audience. Hence, this is why event planners are looking for unique ideas to stand out at a (Hold Out Virtual Exhibition) virtual exhibition. 

Here are some strategies you can count on to make your virtual exhibition a unique and realistic affair.

Begin with a Strategic Approach

If you want your business to obtain profitable results via virtual exhibitions, it is vital to recognize your business and event objectives. Are you organizing a virtual presentation to generate new business leads? Or to promote a new product to a broad group of people? Or do you want to boost your brand value and build new connections? 

For any of these reasons, you need to leverage the right event technology and virtual venue partner to meet the expectations of your online event.


Design an Outstanding Virtual Stage (Hold Out Virtual Exhibition)

(Hold Out Virtual Exhibition) Since your attendees will be having most of their experiences on the virtual event platform, it is vital to create an attractive environment or virtual stage that will offer impactful experiences. You can design a 3D atmosphere that will help recreate the adventures of a physical event.

For this, you should always look for a virtual event software that has brushed its skill-set. Right from keeping animated light at the lobby, dynamic banners, GIFs to customizable virtual booths, Dreamcast outshines in all of this.

Make an exceptional floor design that is enriched with visuals and offers seamless navigation to the attendees. A customizable and user-friendly interface helps create remarkable experiences and minimizes attendee drop-off. Consider creating eminent stand designs to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

You can keep your virtual stand design in a 2D or 3D environment based on your event goals, budget, audience segment, and timeline. Eventually, the motive is to promote the brand value and welcome delegates residing in any part of the world.

Create Buzz and Excitement

Generating buzz or excitement among your potential attendees effectively promotes your event and welcomes more participation.

Make the most of social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or the company’s official website to post relevant updates, pictures, and videos to spread awareness about your (Hold Out Virtual Exhibition) virtual exhibition.

It will improve your social presence and enhance the outreach of your online collections.

You can also create stories with event-specific and attractive hashtags that will draw more attendees to your event. 

Engaging Content

Content is the king! It plays a crucial role in drawing more attendees and keeping them involved and hooked in the virtual exhibition. With compelling content, you can also increase the number of registrants.

To produce impactful content, you have to discern the expectations of your target audience. Tools such as audience segmentation and targeting can assist you in deciding the kind of information you want to convey. 

(Hold Out Virtual Exhibition): Keeping incredible speakers who are highly experienced and skilled in their fields can keep the audience engaged and facilitate 2-way communication.

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Make Way for Networking

Networking is one of the several fundamental reasons why most individuals attend virtual exhibitions. Sponsors get an excellent opportunity to gain more leads and showcase their products, services, and offerings to a large spectrum of people. Some sponsors have witnessed that attendees connect more naturally during an online exhibition when compared to physical events. 

Virtual events platforms like Dreamcast, which have an excellent set of tools to elevate the virtual experience, can notch up the level of your online exhibitions.

Dreamcast, one of the leading virtual event technologies, enables attendees and exhibitors to exchange their business cards securely.

Another notable feature is the B2B meetings scheduler, using which attendees and exhibitors can decide on a mutual time and choose to connect after the event is over.

Make the most virtual networking tables like live chat, audio, and video features to promote 1:1 and group discussions. Using this feature, exhibitors can connect with multiple attendees at a time or choose to have 1:1 interaction.


Include Exciting Engagement Features

Ever since the adaptation of virtual events, boosting engagement and making the event interactive has been a bit challenging.

Therefore, it is essential to wisely pick your virtual venue partner that can organize live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, to add a lively spark to your event and make it more memorable.

You can also ask your events platform to include an AI matchmaking tool, using which the attendees will be able to connect, interact, and engage with like-minded people.

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Gamifying your virtual exhibition is an effective way to provide life-like experiences to all the attendees. An entertaining activity or exciting games such as tic-tac-toe, spin the wheel, crosswords, word games, shooting games, trivia, and a lot more work well for all the events – be it physical, virtual, or hybrid.

Besides this, you can also create a leaderboard challenge that will award points to the attendees who participate and win the games. Based on these scores, you can choose to keep exciting prizes or takeaways for the top 5 scorers.

Promote Your Virtual Exhibition

Marketing plays a vital role in luring more people to your online exhibition. To do it rightly, use email marketing as one of the tools to send invitation emails to the potential delegates to let them know about the event.

Make sure to write SEO-optimized content to boost the search potential, hunt for trending keywords, and use the same while writing promotional blogs or posts.

Use different social media platforms to post the latest updates, pictures, and videos with event-specific hashtags. It is an efficient way to enhance the outreach of your event. Remember to mention the date, time, and registration link of your virtual exhibition to avoid missing out on any new joiner.

Perform a Dry-run

It is a critical step that needs to be considered before conducting a virtual exhibition or any virtual event. Make sure to perform several system checks, test the internet connection, and do a test rehearsal with all the features and innovations you will be utilizing on D-day. It is an excellent strategy to avoid any unforeseen errors. (Hold Out Virtual Exhibition).

To support this practice, you should always confirm the technical aspect of your venue partner. An ideal platform usually has 24/7 customer support that can offer immediate assistance to the audience in case of urgency.

Final Word

Virtual exhibitions have comparatively more advantages when compared to physical ones. Global reach, improved attendance, greater participation & engagement, better ROI, more qualified leads, profits, and detailed analytics tops the list. 

To ensure the accomplishment of virtual exhibitions, it is vital to leverage the right event technology and a strategic approach.