How Do I Turn on Auto Clicker on Chromebook?

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

When using a computer, various actions require the user to move the mouse more quickly or press the keyboard quickly and continuously. Additionally, the speed of clicking, called the “CPS” (Clicks Per Second) rate, is essential.

CPS is the number of clicks you perform in a second, which determines your click speed and the speed at which you click. Clicking expert, you are.

An auto clicker is an instrument created to automate the manual process and replace it with automated clicking that is quick, efficient, effective, and impossible. Suppose you are using an auto clicker for Chromebook. In that case, it is the case that the cursor or pointer will automatically make quick clicks over a particular duration or by the design or code.

Why Is the Auto Clicker for Chromebook Required?

An auto clicker on Chromebook is the best device to use if you wish to eliminate the monotony of repeatedly clicking when using your Chromebook. It’s also useful for those who want or need to achieve a high CPS rate. For instance, certain games require high click speed for various actions. For example, instance, if you’re not willing to practice with a CPS clicker to attain an accurate click speed, you could use an auto clicker on your Chromebook and replace the tiring task with an automated procedure.

With the help of a speed auto clicker to your Chromebook, it can enhance your gaming experience by ten times. Furthermore, auto clickers are highly beneficial for those suffering from motor disabilities or are essentially disabled. The auto clicker performs the task for them.

How to Turn on Automatic Clicks in Chromebook?

Suppose you’re looking to install an auto clicker in your Chromebook. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a built-in option for automatic clicks in Chromebook. To turn on the auto-click feature, follow the following steps and instructions.

Step 1: On the lower right-hand side of your Chromebook, click on the timer to launch your Systems Menu. You can also simultaneously open the Menu in the System section using the keys Alt, Shift, or Shift keys.

Auto Clicker on Chromebook

Step 2: Choose the Settings tab (gear icon) and go to the Menu after opening the Settings Window.

Auto Clicker on Chromebook

Step 3: If your Menu isn’t opening this way, you can open Other Options through Advanced Settings.

Auto Clicker on Chromebook

Step 4: Select Accessibility and then select ‘Manage Accessibility Features.’

Auto Clicker on Chromebook

Step 5: Within the Accessibility, the Window navigates into the “mouse and Touchpad setting.


Step 6: In this step, you’ll find a toggle called Automatic clicking whenever the mouse is stopped. Switch this toggle on.

Auto Clicker on Chromebook

Step 7: In doing this, the ring will appear on your cursor every time it ceases to move. The Automatic Clicking feature will begin whenever the cursor is still for a certain period.

How Does an Auto Clicker for Chromebook Work?

Suppose you have set up the automatic Clicker to work. In that case, it’ll start clicking automatically every time the cursor is held in one spot for a specific period. You can alter the settings to ensure that the auto clicks are based on your requirements.

Auto Clicker on Chromebook

The Amount of Time Before the Clicking Begins

This is the time before the cursor begins auto-clicking if it remains still. The length of time passes between the moment the cursor ceases to be active and when the automatic click starts. To alter this, select ‘Delay. It will display an options menu from which you can pick any delay that ranges from 0.6 up to four seconds.

Whether You Want Stabilized Click Location

Stabilized click location means the ring remains unchanged until you move the cursor to a new place.

Movement Threshold

It is the distance within the cursor’s range that the click occurs. You can change the threshold for movement by selecting the option for movement threshold and even choose whether or not. These are the various choices available.

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Default
  • Large
  • Extra-Large

When you turn on the auto clicker feature on Chromebook, the left click will take place while the cursor is in motion. You can alter this left click to one of the following:

  • Right-click
  • Double-click
  • Scroll
  • Clicking and dragging
  • Pause
  • Toggle menu position

To control the scrolling when you use your mouse, open the Automatic Clicks Menu and select the scroll button, which displays four arrows that point across all directions. The Menu will then open where you have to specify the scrolling action in which order – left, right, top and bottom, or close- you’d like to do. If you’re changing the setting for scrolling, place the cursor on a new scrollbar to ensure you can see that your scroll bar shifts to the new area.

Use of a third-party auto clicker: Do you have a Chromebook auto clicker extension?

Suppose you do not want to use the inbuilt auto-clicking feature. In this case, you could use an auto clicker from a third party or an extension for your Chromebook.

To install an auto clicker for your Chromebook, it is necessary to add the CTG plugin extension on Google Chrome so that you can utilize an auto clicker on Chromebook. Chromebook browser.

When you’ve installed it, go to various websites you would like to use the auto clicker feature on your browser. Then, configure the settings to meet your needs. The extension works only within the browser and not outside the application.

Suppose you are using the Google Chrome browser. In that case, you can download an auto clicker chrome extension in the browser to eliminate the monotonous process of constantly clicking. Each auto clicker Google Chrome extension is compatible with Mac/Windows/Linux OS. Follow these steps to install an auto clicker with Chrome extension extensions.

Start the Chrome browser and navigate to the Chrome web store.

You can search here for “auto clicker” and select the auto clicker extension that you would like, or look through the below list to locate the right one for your needs.

After that, you can add the extension to Chrome. You’ll have to grant permission to add the extension to your browser. Select Allow button to allow the extension to install in your browser.

When your extension is added to Chrome, the extension will be displayed on the right side of the bar at the top, where all attachments will be displayed. You can launch your preferred extension from this page and then utilize it.

Best Auto Clickers for Chromebook

If you’re looking to implement an auto clicker extension to your Chrome browser, here are some of the top options available.


The Clicker is a fantastic Chrome extension that lets you obtain the URL of your current page in a concise form by using its program. The icon of the wing has a transparent background. In the latest versions, the link is automatically copied into the clipboard when you click on a word on a webpage and then call the extension clicker. Suppose you do that; the text you select with the link’s short version is automatically copied into the field for input of Clicker. The entire text will be copied to the clipboard.

The extension of the Clicker allows minor bugs that can be fixed. It’s not necessary to click “accept rides” all day long. The auto clicker extension can take care of it. This Auto Clicker Chrome extension can be downloaded free from the Chrome store.


Zero Click is a second auto clicker extension for Chrome that lets you browse the web without clicking. After downloading this chrome extension, you can switch it on or off by clicking the zero-click symbol. The icon’s color will indicate the extension’s status, whether it’s On or Off. With horizontal and vertical bars, navigation with your mouse is more accessible than ever.

Zero-click also has a tremendous Click-burst feature which allows you to auto-click several times by pressing the Ctrl key. Beta versions of the app support this feature. Suppose you utilize the burst feature when clicking the chaser. In that case, the color of the click changes immediately to signal rapid burst clicks. The most recent version has been updated and fixed several bugs. Additionally, the XY chaser is still visible if the extension’s off. With the Zero Click extension, you’ll be able to navigate through different websites by simply putting your mouse in any location and letting it click for you.

Auto Clicker for Chromebook

Auto clicker is available for Chromebook and adds an extra feature that works with Chrome. It is simple to use and easy to handle and use. You can take advantage of everything Chrome has to offer without having to do repetitive keyboard clicks or mouse clicks.

After installing and downloading this extension, you can change the mode to 10 keys that allow you to give your fingers a break and let your computer do all the work for you. With this auto clicker extension, you’ll be able to navigate the web using your fingertips, just like the dream you have come true. If you are a person who has lots of clicks in your web browser, this extension is the perfect option to let the computer take care of the work while you take your hands off to rest. This extension is effortlessly available at no cost from the chrome store and is compatible with the Chrome browser.

VN Auto Clicker

The VN auto clicker is an excellent option for an auto clicker Chrome extension that lets you click on any link you want or auto-filling keyword and search for any site you’d like. You are assured of this tool’s security since your personal information is not required. You only need the URL necessary for automating your clicks when required.

VN auto clicker extension allows you to do random clicking whenever you need to. It also fills in your search terms and searches for things on the internet. In the most recent update, you can also search your keywords on Google.

The auto clicker Chrome extension will automatically click on your websites to make browsing easier for users. It is no longer necessary to make many clicks on a website anymore since it’s the VN Auto Clicker Extension for Chrome will do it all for you.

Uncanny Cookie Clicker

Uncanny Cookie Clicker is a straightforward Chrome extension that helps players with cookie clickers, automatically allowing users to click on the massive cookie at any time. This extension was specifically designed to enable you to play the game of cookie clicker with ease. The uncanny cookie clicker allows you to pop wrinkles automatically and then auto-click the golden cookie when it appears on the screen.

You can also opt-out of cookies with red if you don’t like them. In addition, you’ll be alerted when a golden cookie is displayed. It will allow you to accelerate your game. You can also purchase upgrades with this extension anytime they become available. You will be notified when an upgrade becomes available, and you won’t need to be concerned. Using this extension to automatically buy buildings as they become available by choosing the facility you wish to purchase is also possible. This auto clicker extension is excellent for playing cookie clickers, and it has been through recent bugs to improve its performance.

Auto Clicker – AutoFill [BETA]

Auto Clicker auto clicker AutoFill is another auto clicker extension you can use on your Chrome browser to navigate numerous websites effortlessly. It is possible to automate every button or fill any input field you want to fill on the web. Furthermore, this auto clicker extension lets you modify your settings in only two steps.

This auto clicker extension can allow you to function as a pro by taking care of most of your tasks related to clicking on any site you wish to browse. With this extension, you can also track your speed of clicks.

Additionally, if you wish to save any action, you don’t need the action saved manually; the effort will automatically be saved. The extension is easy to use and compatible with your Chrome browser. After setting up the configurations in a few steps, you can automatically automatize your clicks, fill in inputs, and function as a professional.

Auto Clicker

Auto clicker is an excellent chrome extension that will automate your clicks across multiple websites. This simple repeat auto clicker extension for Chrome helps make your clicking more efficient. When you are required to click on various websites repeatedly, if that is the scenario, this Chrome extension is the perfect option for you as it was designed specifically for internet surfing.

It is straightforward to use and user-friendly; it has shortcuts that can be used to manage your clicks. Keys Ctrl and (comma) buttons will trigger a click as Ctrl (period) pressed together will stop clicking. For auto clicks to begin with an interval, you’ll need to press Ctrl, Alt (option), and (comma, “.”) (comma, “”) buttons together. That’s all. This Chrome auto clicker extension is straightforward to use. Although the Auto clicker extension was designed for web-based surfing scenarios, it will not be compatible with Flash or SVG games.

Clicker – Interactive Demo Builder

Clicker: Interactive Demo Builder is an ideal auto clicker extension that lets you create an interactive demo on any website you like. The beta version of the attachment allows users to create interactive demonstrations, publish them, and then share them with other users. This tool for auto clicks will enable you to automate your clicks on various websites without having to do it repeatedly.

The extension functions by playing demos you’ve made before on your websites, making navigating through various websites simple. You can build the demo of your choice on the website you want to visit, which will then play automatically. This extension might be a perfect choice if you’re looking for an easy way to speed up your web browsing. Utilize this Clicker to create interactive demos, and then use them to speed up your click tasks.

Cookie Clicker Buddy

If you’re a clicker, this auto clicker extension can be beneficial. This extension for cookie clickers allows various mods and plays the game. This is a fantastic option to play the game within your browser without performing a series of clicks on the screen to create cookies.

It is possible to download the extension through the Chrome store and then use it to automate the clicking on the browser when playing the cookie clicker. This cookie-click extension is specifically designed to click all of the golden cookies that appear on the screen for 30 seconds per second. The auto clicker extension is running in the background so that you can complete all the essential tasks.

In contrast, this extension will automatically click upon the cookie clicker. It’s a valid chrome extension that you can use. Download the extension from the Chrome store and allow it to make your clicks more efficient in the cookie-clicker game.

Scheduled Click

Schedule Click is an exclusive auto clicker extension for Chrome that allows you to have the flexibility of scheduling a click for any element that is required on any web page you go to. If you’d like to plan action on an icon or hyperlink, it’s now simple to do as ABC using the Scheduled Click extension. To schedule your clicks, you need to look up the ID of the button or link you want to click automatically.

To locate the ID, click right-click on the button or link and select “inspect the element.” Then, you must input the details into this extension and click “schedule click” in the pop-up. When you set the time, your scheduled click will take place instantly. If, for instance, you’re getting behind or do not wish to click on any web page. If that’s the situation, you’ll be able to program your click with this extension. You can relax as your click will occur immediately and precisely as you would expect it to be.


SiteMacro is an excellent choice for a Chrome extension that lets you record your macros on any site to execute those actions or functions automatically. This extension can automate the simple steps you do on various websites, such as pressing “not now” when you sign in to an online site or immediately agreeing with the Wi-Fi you frequently use.

To utilize this extension, go where you want to automate and click the SiteMacro button in the toolbar. This will execute the site’s functions, like pressing buttons or filling in forms. If the task you’d like to accomplish does not require leaving the website, you can click “OK” within the notification bar in red; if you do quit, the website will verify the macro. If you return to this site, you will see that the SiteMacro extension will repeat the steps you had already recorded. By doing this, you can automatize all your web-based clicks.

Benefits of Chromebook Auto Clicker

It is a good idea to try an automatic clicker if you don’t have one yet. Gaming on the internet and repetitive clicking tasks are one of its many benefits. Here are a few advantages of an auto clicker for Chrome that should inspire you to test it today:

  1. Spend less time on tedious tasks
  2. Enhance your gaming experience
  3. Perform faster
  4. Show the activity
  5. Complete online forms online

Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy by using an auto clicker. Based on the type of work you do, it could make your job easier. After you have learned about the advantages, it’s time to learn more about auto clickers for Chromebooks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the Automatic Clicks feature of Chromebook?

Automated Clicks, an accessibility function, lets users click on buttons and menus by placing their mouse on a UI element. Chrome OS will instantly click the button. This feature can be helpful for those who have been diagnosed with motor impairments.

How do I enable automatic clicks on Chromebook?

It is possible to open Settings and go to Advanced > Accessibility and Manage accessibility features. This is where you should select the “Automatically click once the cursor ceases” toggle.

What Chrome OS version allows Automatic clicks?

Automatic click has been available on Chromebooks for a long time which is why all the older and new Chromebooks are equipped with this feature.

How to Disable Automatic Clicks in Chromebook?

Open the Settings page, then go to Advanced Accessibility -the Manage Accessibility feature. Scroll down, and then remove “Automatically click whenever the cursor ceases to move.”

Are we able to continuously click using Auto-Clicks available in Chrome OS?

It’s not true; the Automatic clicks feature doesn’t allow continuous clicking. However, you can right-click, left-click, or drag-and-drop, as well as scroll.

How do I get an auto clicker for your Chromebook to use with Roblox?

How you enable auto clicker for Roblox is straightforward. Roblox’s Automated Clicker For Roblox is similar to other auto clicker macros and software. The procedure to activate auto clicks is already covered above.

How can I install an auto clicker on Chromebook for a cookie clicker?

Start your Chrome Web Extension market within the Chrome browser and look for the term “cookie clicker. The list will be of clickers that are relevant to that search. Install the one you like.

How can I obtain an auto clicker for Chromebook?

For more information on how to turn on auto clickers on the Chromebook, I’ve provided two methods for installing an auto clicker onto your Chromebook.

What is the most effective auto clicker to use with Chromebook?

Here are a few ideas for using an auto clicker on Chromebook:

  • Quick Auto Clicker
  • AutoClicker
  • Mini Clicker

Are Chromebook auto clickers available to use?

Chromebook auto clickers are available for free to users who want to enjoy the benefits.

Do I turn on Right Click in Chrome?

In Chrome OS, you “right-click” by tapping the touchpad with two fingers. It’s that simple! It! It is also possible to hold your Alt key and click or tap the touchpad with just one finger. Whatever method you choose, you’ll select you’d like to select from the Menu with the standard (single-finger) tapping or clicking.

What are the possibilities with the auto clicker?

Auto clickers are an application or macro utilized to automate the clicking of a mouse screen on a computer. Clickers can be set to repeat inputs recorded before or generated by various settings currently in use.