How Long Will Potted Mums Keep in Their Pots?

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2022)

How Long Will Potted Mums Keep in Their Pots? Care for moms who live indoors is easy. With just a few steps, you can maintain a mum healthy for up or four weeks. They provide a lot for your money as they are cheaper than most bouquets.

Mums are stunning fall-colored plants that can be moved indoors for decoration and use. Care for them indoors is easy. You can keep your mum’s plant healthy for up to 4 weeks with just a few tricks. They’re a great value for money since they are cheaper than most bouquets. Let’s discuss keeping the flowers looking fresh!

Let’s now bring those gorgeous potted flowers inside!

It is best to think of mums as long-lasting, cut flowers. They’re an amazing and lush, bushy flower with lots of vibrant blooms that can be used as a decor item on their own.

The care of these flowers inside your home is simpler than you’d think!

Do you have the ability to keep potted moms in the house?

Potted mums are different from the hardy varieties that can be planted in gardens. The cultivation of chrysanthemums in the indoor space is simple and requires no special attention aside from watering, good soil, and drainage. You can carry the plant when the flowers have finished because of its intricately etched leaves.

What is the length of time flower potted plants last? 

Garden mums may be planted in pots and beds along with established plants and flowers. They typically last two to three weeks, depending on the temperature outside and the stage at which the flowering process was when the plants were bought.

When do I need to bring my mum in pots?

How Long Will Potted Mums Keep in Their Pots?

Keep mums indoors until a week before the last spring frost is expected. Then, you can take the pot outside in the summer for 2 or 3 hours and then bring it back inside to its winter home.


Do mums make it through cold winter months in pots?

For mums in pots, The first rule is to ensure that they never suffer a freezing temperature within their container or pot. Mums can withstand mild frosts and frigid temperatures fairly simple. However, a strong freeze could kill the roots of pots for good. Once mums in pots have been through extreme freezing, the chances of being able to survive winter are very slim.

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Are mums coming back each year?

Mums are often purchased by people in the fall, believing that they are perennials. They throw the mums into the compost bin after the flowers have stopped. However, if you purchase sturdy mums, you will be able to get the same blooms every year.

What is the ideal temperature to take my moms in?

Potted chrysanthemums can be moved inside during frosty weather. Suppose you place them in a location that receives full sunlight or supplemental lighting. Maintain temperatures between 70-75 F in the daytime and at least 60 F in the evening, as per the University of Missouri.

Do you wash your mums every day?

Caring for Potted Mums

If the mum is not in a particularly hot and sunny location and the plant is well-watered, every day is sufficient. When you water, don’t pour water over the flowers and soil; you should water the plant’s soil.

How long will mums last?

How Long Will Potted Mums Keep in Their Pots?

Mums on sale with fully open blooms are a good option; however, keep in mind that they may not last for as long when planted in the garden. Based on the weather conditions and varieties of mums, you should expect a decent display of colors for four or six weeks. In the event of prolonged hot weather, it can make the flowers age faster.

Do you have to deadhead mums?

It isn’t a good idea to over-water your moms, but the most dangerous thing that could occur is for them to become too dry. Deadhead regularly to ensure that they last. Cutting off dead blooms and dead leaves/stems will make your mom’s appearance more attractive, but it also helps the plant last longer.

Do potted mums bloom once more?

A: They will not bloom again this year. However, they will take next year. You can plant them in pots or in the garden in organically fertilized, well-drained soil. They will thrive in the five to six hours of sunshine. After the flowers have lost their luster, you can cut the plants down to 2 inches above the ground and then mulch them heavily.

Why do my potted mums die?

The potted Mums in your garden suffer from a fatal illness because they could suffer from fungal illnesses such as Verticillium, Septoria leaf spot, or Botrytis. They could have been victimized by a parasite such as Pythium. It is possible that you are underwatering or excessively watering them. Also, they may not have enough nutrients for their growth.

What is the best time to buy my mum’s?

How Long Will Potted Mums Keep in Their Pots?

Mid-September is the time when to think about buying mums. However, every year, the warmer and longer summers push that date further and further into September, sometimes in October. We here at Southern Living recommend “buying plants at the time they begin to open buds. This will maximize the bloom time.

Do you have the ability to save mums for the next year?

Overwintering mums is possible. As many people think mums (formally known as Chrysanthemums) tend to be delicate perennials, many gardeners think of them as annuals. However, this isn’t the situation. With some winter-time care for mums, the beautiful fall flowers can come every year.

Can mums be frozen at 32°C?

Mums cannot respond to freeze or frosts that may not happen until the end of December or January in warmer areas. If you don’t want your mother to suffer harm, You can help ensure they are protected by shifting them to a protected location like the porch or garage if they are potted.

Do moms prefer shade or sun?

How Much Sunlight Do Mums Require? Chrysanthemums love sunlight. Though they technically only require 6 hours of sun each daily, the higher the sunlight they get, the greater their growth and their bloom and toughness. Light shade in hot summer afternoons is ideal in warmer zones of gardening to avoid scorching.

Can potted mums be left in the cold?

As per the USDA map, the lowest temperatures that mums can survive are twenty degrees lower than zero degrees Fahrenheit. Mums that are planted later are not likely to survive the cold winters since they have weak roots. Container plants are more protected from frigid temperatures and therefore are more likely to get through.

How can you prepare moms for winter?

Get mums ready for winter following getting the very first frost. Make sure to mulch as much as 4 inches of straw or shreds of hardwood around the plants. Remove dead flowers to tidy up your plant. However, leave the stems in good condition. Mums have a higher chance of surviving if they do not cut off older branches until the spring.

What can I do to my mothers after they’ve fallen?

In the fall or the winter months, when the mum’s blooming has stopped, Make sure you cut the stems of the plant 6-8 inches above the ground. If, however, you find the dead stems from winter beneficial for wildlife or interesting, it is possible to leave the stems uncut until spring growth begins to emerge.

Are mums dead?

If the leaves appear dry, crisp, and brown, the plants have likely died. If you see two or three green leaves or newly formed buds on the leaves, then the mums may be alive. The plants may be alive if you observe new flower buds added in green leaves.

Do fall mums need to be grown outside?

Garden Mums are hardy perennials that you can plant outside, which means they can thrive throughout the year. They are often planted in pots for indoor use and cannot withstand winter when you plant them in your garden in the Midwest. Choose a mother plant suitable for the outdoors at an outdoor nursery or garden center.

How often should I rehydrate my mom?

The first time they bloom, mums require watering similar to your lawn, around 1 inch per week. As your plants grow in size and the weather warms, the amount of watering you give them should increase in proportion. Watering three times a week in autumn and September won’t be enough.

Are coffee grounds beneficial for moms?

(Most edible plants love acidic soil, however, certain plants, like eucalyptus and focus, and Chrys and clematis, like an alkaline-based soil). Coffee grounds are an efficient and quick-acting fertilizer for both vegetables and plants.

Are mums likely to be blooming more often than they did once?

Chrysanthemums are not usually blooming twice. They grow foliage in the spring and summer months; later, they begin to produce buds in autumn and late summer. If you buy the plants, you can get them to bloom twice by trimming them in the fall.

What is the best time to trim my mom’s?

It’s ideal for trimming the mums in the spring when they begin to grow. The timing is crucial. If you fail to cut your mums back before the start of spring, they’re more likely to experience an early and disappointing time of poor flowering in the summer and a drab period of poor flowering in the fall.