Procurement Officer

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2022)

Procurement Officer the supply manager ensures the ordering, delivery, and provision of the materials and products necessary for the production of furniture within the required deadlines. He or she contributes to the manufacture of the required quantity of furniture by optimizing stock management sourcing from mexico.

Occupation family


  • Purchasing, logistics

Conditions for practicing the profession

Autonomy and responsibility

Depending on the size of the company, this position reports to the scheduling manager, the supply manager, or the industrial management manager.

Autonomous for the execution of his work and link between the store and the production, he or she is responsible for ensuring the supply plan in order to provide the materials and products necessary for the production plan.

Means and resources

IT and communication equipment needed to access all useful databases (ranges, supply plan, etc.), and manage supplies.

Management of documentation relating to orders, deliveries and the supply plan.

Internal and external relations

Work in a small team of suppliers and with the scheduling technician.

Internal relations with his team, the scheduling technician, the purchasing manager, the other workshop managers and the operators. Infrequent external relations except with certain suppliers.

Work environment

He or she works between the store and the workshops. His trips are very frequent internally.

Hours are generally regular. In some companies, he or she may work shifts. 

Required Skills

specific skills

  • Understand the entire industrial process and the needs of each workshop
  • Know the materials, the products, the different parts, the hardware…
  • Communicate with the main suppliers
  • Master the supply function and the supply plan
  • Manage stocks and calculate needs (just in time)
  • Integrate multiple information and synthesize it
  • Communicate with various suppliers and interlocutors
  • Master computer tools

Transversal skills

  • Be dynamic, available, curious
  • Adapt responsively
  • Take initiatives
  • Have a good logical sense
  • Be rigorous and follow procedures
  • Calculate, enjoy working with figures
  • Team working
  • Have a sense of service

Career paths


training Level IV or III training in the woodworking trades is recommended, to become familiar with the materials and techniques used, depending on the size and complexity of the company. A level V is enough for a storekeeper.

Continuous training

The continuous training modules make it possible to complete experience in IT, mexico sourcing company, supply planning, inventory management, etc.

Prerequisites When

entering the company, training to adapt to the position is necessary. Depending on his skills, it takes between three and six months to be really operational.


Possible evolution to other positions related to logistics, purchasing, scheduling or production management.

Possible evolution towards other industrial production companies by adapting to their production process.

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