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Products for natural skincare and beauty have always been a hit in the market. Proveda India, known for providing the most advanced, research-based, natural products for health-conscious people, has launched new products to increase their hair and skincare segment.

Pure Mirakle Power Day Cream and Mirakle 15 in 1. Hair Oil is formulated with the highest concentration of natural ingredients that aid in nourishing hair and skin.

The Mirakle power C Day Cream is packed in vitamin C, which provides skin with an energetic look. Miracle 15 In 1 hair oil is a high-quality shampoo made of 15 natural ingredients, which proves to be a multi-purpose hair treatment oil. These products’ main ingredients are natural and assist in restoring the beauty of your appearance.

PROVEDA INDIA is a family business with the capacity to transform businesses. It is driven by innovation because we Build People, and People create a business. Mr Aseem Sood is a young, revolutionary Entrepreneur who has given shape to his ideas and founded his company Proveda Marketing India Private Limited in 2019. He believes in that.


We will discuss the subjects discussed below in this post.:

  • Proveda India info.
  • Proveda Products from India.
  • Proveda Marketing Pvt. Ltd
  • Proveda India’s Income Strategy
  • The Proveda India Business Plan

This article will explore each of these subjects. Go through this complete article to understand all you need to learn concerning Proveda India.

What does “Proveda India” means?

Proveda India is a network direct selling and marketing company. Its official title for business is Proveda India Marketing Pvt Ltd. Proveda India is the fastest-growing direct selling company in India. On May 18 2019, Aseem Sood, the CEO of Proveda India. Aseem Sood launched Proveda India. Proveda India is a corporation registered by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCA) (Ministry of Corporate Affairs).

Proveda is a global business with operations across 14 countries, including India. Proveda is headquartered in India and has grown from its humble start-up in Gurugram to more than 20000 retail outlets throughout the country and beyond. The company employs thousands of distributors, and the number is increasing.

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About Proveda India

Proveda India is one of the most open and transparent Direct Selling platforms. Proveda Herbals is our parent business. Proveda Herbals was started in 2008 and certified as an ISO 9001:2015.

WHO is a WHO GMP and a Halal certified Company with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities situated on the outskirts of Uttarakhand State (India) in a tax-free zone. In 2010, Mr Aseem Sood, a young, innovative Entrepreneur, put his ideas into action and established the business.

After a decade of success with Proveda Herbals, Mr. Aseem Sood founded Direct Selling as he considers it one of the noblest endeavours. “Proveda India” believes in establishing a healthy environment to ensure our leaders are respected. Our fundamental values are ethics and honesty.

With in-house manufacturing capabilities and an R&D company, we believe that “Quality can only be achieved when you are willing to strive to be the best”. With a manufacturing capacity of more than 500+ items, the most critical pillar of our business is our mass-to-class products “BEST quality, best price for all”.

The owner of Proveda India:

Aseem Sood, Mr. Aseem Sood is the owner of Proveda India or Proveda Marketing Limited.

What is the significance of Poveda’s?

The company believes that “quality is when you are motivated to try your best.” In pursuit of improving your health and lifestyle, The company has quickly grown to become India’s most integrated cosmeceutical firm.

Skin health, body care, hair treatment, personal care, baby care, soaps, homemade soaps, home care products for laundry, dental and oral care products, marketing, manufacturing exporting cosmeceutical items and services to customers around the globe are all offered in one place through the business.

Proveda’s Goal India

Proved India’s mission Proved India is to be an international power for good by providing people with appealing business opportunities. New products and services and an active, positive, inspiring society.

Proveda India’s Vision

Our mission is to encourage everyone around the globe to realize their full potential by providing opportunities, enrichment, celebration, and, perhaps most importantly, connections that are inspiring.

The Proveda of India’s Values

The first one is called The Code of Ethics.

Whatever policy the business decides not to develop is followed strictly to the strictest standards. They’re extremely strict with their guidelines. They want every distributor to adhere to the company’s rules precisely to the letter.


The company produces high-quality products. The company’s name, Proveda Herbals Pvt Ltd, is already selling products to fourteen countries. Before entering the network marketing market, there were several MLM companies from India offering free copies of their products.


The company is dedicated to enhancing the quality of its products and offering top-quality products to its clients. In the end, the company is constantly developing new products.

Fourth refers to accountability.

The company guarantees that its policies are transparent. The company makes payments promptly, and since the last time, it has not had any late fees from distributors.

It is a clearly defined purpose.

The company formulates a plan and strives to achieve it.


  • Assocham membership certificate
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • ISO 9001 2015
  • Chemexcil certificate
  • The FIED certificate
  • UK World Halal Certificate
  • Pan Card
  • Tan Card
  • Rating of credit performance by NSIC
  • Certificate of acknowledgement

Proveda India Proveda India’s Value Proposition

(a). Proveda India Firm is an Indian firm.

Traditional marketing was already executed through Proveda Herbals Pvt Ltd, an affiliate of Proveda Marketing Pvt Ltd. They offered their goods to a range of Indian MLM firms. In addition, the firm exports its goods across 14 different countries. In India, the company’s products are offered in approximately 6500 salons.

The plant that manufactures the products is located in Haridwar. The Management at Proveda India believes that the Direct Selling Business has a significant influence throughout the globe. This is why Proveda Marketing Pvt Ltd, an Direct Selling Company, was created.

(b)Products of Proveda

The products are of different grades and top-quality international brands. As we previously mentioned, the company’s products are sold in more than 6500 salons. The effects of the company are of top quality.

(c). Proveda India Proven business

Proveda India has a two-lag generation method, which implies that only two lags need to be maintained in this industry. We can increase our profits while working less due to this.

Also, we will be able to achieve our goals. It is the Proveda Business Plan, and it is set so that you can automatically grow by helping your downline. This Proveda Business Plan is essential.

D. Proveda-based education.

The success of any Direct Selling distributor is dependent on their ability to learn about themselves. Proveda India created the EDUVEDA Strong Education System to achieve the aim of providing the opportunity to learn. This way, every distributor can improve their skills. According to the organization, education increases leadership and business skills.

Proveda, E. Leadership is a management style that has been proven to be highly effective.

For the Direct Selling industry, the role of leadership is crucial. Proveda India offers customized support for all leaders to assist them in establishing a new leader in their company.

What is EduVeda specifically?

Find a business opportunity through direct selling using your method of teaching. In your Veda education, it is known as EDU-VEDA, which translates to “knowing the language of your home.” Live training in person can provide a pleasant experience and an environment that can be beneficial to the success of your business.

Proveda provides an offline training method for PAN India, depending on the business’s needs and expectations.

Proveda’s Benefits

  • Create a long-term strategy. Make an approach that will benefit you throughout the remainder of your life.
  • A plan that is in line with international standards.
  • One of the fastest-growing revenue streams.
  • The majority of the highest-paying industry bonuses are paid out.
  • Overall Effectiveness

Proveda Products.

proveda products

Proveda India started with just 25 products and has grown to over 150. Proveda India has a wide selection of top-quality products available from all over the globe.

Proveda India has a wide variety of products. FMCG, Health Care, Personal Care, Agri Products, Home Care, Baby Care, Color Cosmetics, and Oral Care are just a few of Proveda India’s categories of products.

Proveda India’s Products Categories

  • Care for your skin
  • SALON Care
  • HAIR Care for your hair
  • Winter Care
  • DENTAL Care,
  • HOME

Organic Mirakle Power C+ Day Cream

Organic Mirakle’s SuperDTox Power C+ Vitamin C Day Cream can be described as a potent blend of Vitamin C and Collagen. The light cream can brighten your skin naturally and lessen the signs of ageing. Rich in antioxidants and niacinamide to fight photoaging and free radical damage and repair skin cells, revealing healthy and glowing skin.

The Vitamin C cream is perfect for all skin types, assisting the skin with a smooth, non-oily appearance. Available in a pack of 60gm Super D Tox Power C + Vitamin C Day Cream does not contain hazardous chemicals. It is also free from parabens, toxins, and mineral oils.

Price 300 – 300,000 Rs 300

Mirakle 15 In 1 Oil for Hair

This multi-purpose oil for hair strengthening is specially designed with the most advanced technology that utilizes the most valuable herbs in the refined oil of sesame seeds by the well-known ayurvedic text. The light weighted combination of 15 essential ingredients is a highly efficient and effective treatment for hair loss, premature greying, and bringing back the shiny hair’s texture.

Mirakle 15 In 1 Hair Oil is comforting and aids in reducing headaches and sleeplessness. It is enriched with Isopropyl Myristate Sesame Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Juniper Berries Oil, Holy Basil Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylated HydroxyToluene, Eclipta Alba Oil Extract, Emblica Officinalis Oil Extract Color, Fragrance, and Fragrance the 15 in 1 treatment oil is an excellent source of nourishment for hair follicles and encouraging hair growth.

The concentrated formula that is the ayurvedic herb that is which is available in a 200ml package has the most potent hair-strengthening properties.

Price: Rs 350

Proveda’s turnover.

While Proveda India Firm has only been operating since 2002, it has already reached the 100-crore mark. Proveda India is the world’s fastest-growing Indian direct-sales business, and Proveda India’s goal for sales in 2025 is 500 crores.

Also, take a look at:

Proveda India’s Income and Marketing Plan

Proveda India uses a two-lag generation plan, combining the Binary Plan with the Company Generation Plan. This strategy will help the leaders of all levels. Proveda India pays ten distinct kinds of commissions for its chief executive officer.

  1. What is the Retail industry’s profit Retailers may earn as much as 40% of their profits?

(Repurchase Club)

  1. Bonus for Businesses that are New Startup Bonus offers a reward of 24% to new companies.
  2. A Travel Fund Bonus Travel Fund will provide you with a bonus of 10.
  3. Promotion for the Automobile Fund Bonus of 10 10% for the auto fund
  4. Bonus Points A bonus point of 12 percent is also known as”the Star Bonus.
  5. Bonuses to help you live a healthy Lifestyle Lifestyle bonuses make up 8percent of your annual pay. Mentorship Bonus No.

8 . As a mentoring incentive, You’ll receive an 8% share of your profits.

  1. Lifetime Royalty Bonus Lifetime Bonus of 1 percent
  2. Bonus for royalty (Annual) Bonus on annual royalty of 1.5 percent

Proveda India’s rank and Levels


The scores under the Proveda business plan are listed below.

  1. Distributor
  2. Star Executive
  3. Star Gold
  4. Divine Star
  5. Eagle Star
  6. Ruby Star
  7. Emerald Star
  8. Diamond Executive
  9. Blue Diamond
  10. Crown Executive
  11. Crown Ambassador
  12. President Club Member
  13. Freedom Club Member
  14. www Club Member

The benefits from Proveda India for Business

Whatever the benefits from direct Selling or Network Marketing are a part of the business, Proveda India provides them with all. It was as if.

Why Proveda’s products are superior to products on the market, this, in addition to giving you excellent health, can be able to bring prosperity.

  • * With Proveda India Business, you could start your own business at a meager cost.
  • * Proveda India products help you live a healthier life.
  • * Proved in India, doing business can aid you to lead an insecure and secure lifestyle.
  • * is held with great reverence by all others.
  • * Being able to spend more time with your family, and you can attain time independence.
  • * Financial Stability It’s possible to attain financial Independence.

How Can You Profit From the Proveda India Company In 2023? or How can you make money from this Proveda India business in 2023?

Two ways to earn money from Proveda India. Proveda India business.

1. By using direct sales

purchasing Proveda India things at DP price and making them available for sale at MRP generates profit. This game is a gamble; you’ll only win 40 per cent in most cases.

You earned a profit of 200 rupees if you purchased the Proveda India product for 1000 rupees (DP) and then sold it at 1200 Rs (MRP).

2. Participating in the network marketing

To accomplish this, we’ll need to form an individual team. Whatever the company’s business is, our staff will take the responsibility.

By the regulations that apply, a percentage of income from the venture is shared among the team. This can be used to create unlimited amounts of money. The more people within our company, the more money we can earn. If we are part of network marketing through Proveda India, we may receive ten different types of bonuses and commissions.

Proveda Market India Pvt. Ltd.

The company’s headquarters is situated in Plot No. 464, 2nd Floor, Udyog Vihar, Phase 5, Gurugram, Haryana 122016 (India).

Manufacturing Unit, Plot No. 42 and 43 in Sector 2. Sidcul, IIE, BHEL, Ranipur, Haridwar -249403, Uttarakhand (India)

Phone Number: +91 124-4067388 / +91 1244269205 /

The toll-free number is 1800-103-0214.

Official Websites:


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 “EVERYTHING is driven by DREAMS, FROM DREAMINGS TO Innovation and Innovation to Reality and DREAMING DOES NOT CHANGE reality through magic, it requires sweat, determination and DEEP Work”

 A life that is economic freedom is our dream, and quality is our goal. We are pleased to present PROVEDA Marketing INDIA. This reliable firm constantly innovates to improve and drive things back to the home, cities, and countries, striving to improve and live in the future.

 A powerful Direct Selling platform offers an extensive range of 130+ products in every category like Skin Care and Personal Care Nutrition, Home Care Salon Care, Baby Care, Food Care and Color Cosmetics, a robust education system, EDUVEDA, and a family of 175K Provedians from across India.

 PROVEDA Marketing INDIA, a top direct selling business in the global direct selling industry, is moving toward Vertical Integration with an 80percent of the manufacturing done in-house within our manufacturing facilities in the area of 40,000 square. Feet is located in HARIDWAR (India) within the Tax-Free zone. JAIPUR (India) deals with world-class products across eight categories.

 We believe in creating one of the top Direct Selling firms “of our people” in addition to “for those who are”. Our main base is our top-quality mass products, “BEST Quality, Best Price for all”. Our primary drive is to make Provedians who are Provedians as open and inclusive partners.

Our team of management experts with a wealth of knowledge of the industry gives the strategic ideas to improve and expand our business to achieve a grand objective.

 Proveda is a Distributor Friendly Company that believes that every distributor is an integral part of our family. We believe that “If our foundations are solid enough, we’ll be able to construct the most reliable and ethical Direct Selling platform.

 We understand each individual’s needs, which is why every individual who is a part of Proveda becomes part of our community. We hope that everyone to change their life by using Proveda’s unique Compensation Plan that is open and equitable to all who can offer economic Independence to each Provedian.

 Our core strength is our educational system – EduVeda. We offer a comprehensive program of offline and online courses in education for business opportunities through direct selling. You can do it according to your way of thinking.

 We offer the tools to assist you in achieving your objectives. Proveda actively raises consciousness about the business, its opportunities, and our products.

 Proveda India is a family business with family values, and Proveda Herbals is our parent business. Proveda Herbals was started in 2010 and was an ISO9001:2015 WHO is a WHO GMP and a Halal certified company that has state-of-the-art manufacturing units located within Uttarakhand State (India) in tax-free zones.

In 2010, Mr. Aseem Sood launched the Proveda Herbals, and now we export to 14 countries. We also do 3rd manufacturing for 140 businesses and have seen 120% growth year-on-year.

“Our goal is to become an effective force for good across the world by helping people to make a difference in their lives through profitable business opportunities, creative products, and a nourishing positive cultural.” Mr. Aseem Sood, the director of operations.

Here are a few of the most frequently-asked inquiries (FAQs):


Who is the Managing Director of Proveda India? What is the managing director’s name at Proveda India Marketing Pvt Ltd?

Mr Asim Sood, the director of Proveda. Mr Aseem Sood is the Director-General of Proveda Marketing Pvt Ltd.

When did Proveda India first start?

Proveda India began its launch on May 23, 2019.

Is Proveda India, a reliable company?


How do I join Proveda India as an Associate.

The answer: You may enroll on Proveda India’s official site. To do this, you will need to provide an address to the distributor of proveda. It is also possible to do Proveda India John by contacting the Proveda India distributor.


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