Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning (Explained)

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

Sun and Moon Tattoos are like yin-yang tattoos, they represent two forces that come together to create harmony. These timeless, dual-gender tattoos depict both the sun and moon, which are separate or intertwined and have become widely used across different cultures, geographic regions, genders Societies and traditions, they have been used as inspiration for various beliefs and interpretations of religion or culture or were associated with various symbols.

For instance, in ancient Egypt, the moon and the sun symbolized gods, specifically the Sun who was believed to be the god Re or Re, the Sun God.

A few of the ancient meanings of the moon and sun remain in use today. Inspired by ancient and traditional interpretations, the sun, as well as the moon, have become popular tattoo designs inspirations too.

If you’re seeking a uniquely interesting, meaningful, and distinctive tattoo, then we suggest that you read on. When you choose to have moon and sun tattoos, you’re acknowledging the duality and complexity of human nature. We hope that at the end of this post, you will have an improved comprehension of the connection between them. Therefore, without further delay, we’ll get going!

Relationship Between Sun and Moon

There is an interesting relationship between opposites and the moon and the sun when it comes to Earth. The sun gives light to us during the day, while the moon illuminates the Earth at the night. Moonlight reflects the reflection of the sun’s rays on us at night.

A lot of us believe that the tide impacts humans and Earth as well. The tide rises at peak of the day, and it recedes at night as a result of the gravitational pull of the moon on the Earth.

You can see that the sun, as well as the moon, impact the Earth and us humans. With such a massive pull in both directions, there is a particular equilibrium that we must appreciate.

Then, let’s look at the meaning behind these tattoos individually

The sun

The sun tattoo can be a symbol of pure optimism and energy. It is a very popular tattoo in the younger and older generations too. The sun symbolizes a person’s confidence in themselves, courage aspirations, dreams, and confidence. It is also considered a well-loved tattoo among those who work in the field of health. The sun is often depicting resilience and strength in the face of the trials of life.

The Moon

The moon is a universal symbol of femininity and beauty. The moon symbol can be utilized alongside other symbols to symbolize femininity or just femininity. The moon is also a symbol of women’s emotions, intuition, and awareness of the environment around them.

The moon is frequently used to symbolize the rebirth of life and new starts. In western society, the moon can be used to symbolize male and female qualities. This is in line with the notion that man is comprised of feminine and masculine qualities equally.

What do tattoos of the moon and the sun symbolize?

The moon and the sun have been the focus of literary works, visual art poetry, and many other subjects throughout the history of humanity. Similar to many of the natural counterparts such as night and day darkness and light male and female moons are the natural equivalent of the sun. In a fashion, the moon and sun represent the universality of belief and manifestation of the union of opposites.

In nearly all cultures around the globe, the sun is male and symbolizes strength and strength. However, the moon is thought of as female and is a symbol of tranquillity and stability.

The moon and sun tattoos symbolize the principle that drives life: when it’s positive, it will also be negative. They symbolize the dual nature of human nature. Everyone has a dark side and an optimistic side.

As there is a moon and sun, night and day, everybody has their good and bad ones in this life. There is no way to live a life without experiencing both good and bad experiences that define the persona of their choice.

The moon and sun tattoos symbolize unity and diversity, as well as the spiritual or sexual union of men and female. They’re a symbol of affection and are often picked by couples. The relationship between the moon and the sun has been around since the beginning of time.

As one the celestial symbolisms symbolize the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. One of the simplest yet powerful symbols the circle represents our universe’s simplest shape.

Best Designs for Sun and Moon Tattoos

Simple Sun and Moon Tattoo

Tattoos don’t have to be elaborate and large some styles look stunning when they are simplified. The basic shapes of the moon and the sun are simple to draw and look stunning when the design focuses on the primary aspects of the design with minimal details and no shading.

You can choose to use colored inks, however, the most well-known and flexible alternative is black ink. simple tattoos can be tattooed on smaller scales. They can be tattooed wherever on your body such as on the wrist or the finger. The other benefits are that they require less time to finish and discomfort will be minimal.

Small Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning

small tattoos are attractive to those looking for an adorable or delicate style. They can be tattooed by both genders and are appreciated for their flexibility. The ink you choose to tattoo can be placed any place on your body, including behind your ears and on the sides of your neck.

This tends to be less painful and cost-effective. Some tattoos are not attractive when done in a smaller size. But, the simple nature of the sun and moon design is a perfect choice for a smaller tattoo. The design can also be an adorable way to show appreciation for your bond with your loved ones by having matching tattoos.

Mandala Sun and Moon Tattoo

Mandala tattoos have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their beauty and detail. They symbolize harmony, balance, and symmetry. They also can be soothing to look at. Mandala is an ancient word that means Sanskrit and means “circle” and the majority of designs incorporate circles and geometric shapes to create an attractive intricate design.

Mandalas that are body art can take on any shape such as the moon and sun designs. The moon and the sun represent symbolic values, representing feminine and masculine energies as well as light and dark. It could have a positive significance, reminding you to be balanced in life. It could also remind you that no matter what obstacles you may face the day is going to come.

Sun and Moon Matching Tattoos

Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning

Tattoos that match are a great option to show the bond you have with your beloved. It could be a person who has stood by you in all your troubles or a lover you could not imagine your life without. Selecting the perfect design can create a memorable moment with a moon and sun being the most appropriate selections. The flexibility of the design and the deep symbolism makes this an attractive tattoo.

The moon and sun are both associated with balance and symmetry. They represent two forces at war and could symbolize dark and light female and male, as well as balance and imbalance. The meaning is up to interpretation and allows you to make a piece that expresses your feelings and thoughts and accurately portrays your relationship.

Sun and Moon Yin Yang Tattoo

The moon and the sun symbolize two forces that are at war and coming together. They can create powerful statements about finding equilibrium and the interconnectedness of everything. The moon and sun represent dark and light as well as masculine and feminine power and beauty, balance and equilibrium, and even the good and the bad.

In addition, the Yin and Yang symbol has the same meaning that is associated with it. In Chinese theology, Yin represents the moon and Yang symbolizes the sun. This is a simplified explanation of an incredibly meaningful symbol. It is also an extremely intricate and intriguing tattoo.

Soul Eater Sun and Moon Tattoo

The fans of anime might be attracted by a drawing featuring the Soul Eater moon and sun tattooed. The manga is illustrated and written by Atsushi Ohkubo. Although The Sun and Moon aren’t the main characters, they’re easily recognized due to their faces.

The illustrations are different from the typical moon and sun designs which makes them immediately obvious. They could represent two forces at war and the conflict between good and evil. Sun is the symbol of the protagonists. Moon represents the adversaries. It may represent their moods. If you’re looking for body art that expresses your interests and passions and that stands out and stand out, this is the right choice for you!

Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

The tattoos on your thighs are among the most popular locations for tattoos. It is due to a variety of reasons, however; the most important reason is the size and lack of discomfort. The tattoos on the thighs are in the range of low-to-moderate pain scales due to the dense skin, muscle, and fat which provide cushioning. It’s also a big enough space to permit the creation of a precise tattoo, which gives you the space to express your creativity without restricting your creativity.

The thigh can be exposed and covered whenever you wish which makes it an extremely versatile place. It’s also considered to be one of the most attractive areas in the body. tattoos will add to the thigh’s attractiveness.

Sun Moon Spine Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning

The placement where your tattoo should be equally important to the style. There are a lot of factors to think about before getting tattooed, such as the visibility of the location as well as the discomfort. A spine is a great option for those who prefer their tattoos hidden and displayed when they wish.

The designs are also edgy and cool in this style. The moon and sun are great choices for a neck tattoo. You can add more detail by incorporating the various moon phases that symbolize the cycle of death, life, and rebirth. The drawback to tattoos on the spine is discomfort.

They’re very prominent on the pain scale chart due to the proximity to bone and insufficient fat and muscle in the region. It is also important to think about the risk of getting an injury to your spine should you need back surgery or injections such as epidural injections.

Watercolor sun and moon

Watercolor tattoos feature vivid colors that flow across the entire outline of the design. They are becoming more common. Similar to the majority of the colored moon and sun tattoos they are also a popular choice for tattoos on the sun usually appears orange and the moon tends to be blue. Tattoos of this kind can take up lots of space and are usually placed around your upper back or arms or even on the legs.

Small tattoos

The small size of the tattoo is the most adorable dimension of all. The tattoos look pretty as we draw the smaller size of the moon and the sun and moon, or one. Yet, the value it provides is substantial enough.

Small tattoos can be placed everywhere on the body. It is possible to hide the tattoo in case you prefer to tattoo only yourself. However, for that, it must be small in size.

Medium tattoos

Medium-sized moon and sun tattoos are the ideal sizes for all. They can be worn anywhere within the body. This is a difficulty for areas of the body such as beneath the ear fingers wrists, wrists, and so on. in which only a tiny amount can be accommodated.

The medium-sized moon and sun look great in that their dimensions can fit any place and allow a clear perspective of the entire scene all at once. The most important aspect of getting them inked arms, naturally. In their arms, they can be able to see the tattoo at any time!

Huge tattoos

Sun and moon look great when their size is the most massive of them all. The thighs, back or even the stomach will look stunning with big moon and sun tattoos.

Due to their regular shape, it’s easy to get tattoos inked stylishly. If the size is large, it’s more noticeable and appears lively. Particularly when guys with huge bodies get massive sun and moon or moon tattoos it makes them appear as if they are beasts and that’s what they desire!

The larger its size greater the clarity. To ink it to a significant amount, you must assign a large space. The designs can be altered to fill in the space between the sun and the moon.

Colorful Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning

Colour brings an array of exotic, vibrant beautiful tattoos. When the sun and moon are colored, the beauty is multiplied while the standard or simple-looking tattoos draw the attention of the public.

The moon and sun are mostly colorless. are popular However, these days, people are also adding different colors to them to make their tattoos more impressive.

Colorless Sun and Moon Tattoos

If there’s the appearance of color that isn’t required to be more detailed. However, creating the idea of a tattoo that is colorless is a huge amount of additional detail. If a sun and moon tattoo is not colorless, there’s plenty of space to write the design. It could be a face or design; it could be used to fill in the blank space.

However, it isn’t necessary to include designs if it’s a simple design that is general and holds lots of meaning to you. Furthermore, the non-colorless version is more interesting with hidden meanings as well as your self-meanings.

Sun And Moon Tattoos with Face

Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning

The most sought-after Sun and Moon tattoos have the face of a person in the designs. In general, the sun and moon are often compared to gods. That’s why faces are added. When there is a face, the tattoo appears more real and lifelike. The front represents the pure existence of the god depicted in it.

If there are faces the tattoo is more stunning to behold. It is not all. It also gives the meaning of the tattoo. The sun can be a male and the moon is a woman, then it could be female. The result will be the complete tattoo. The face may be cartoon-like or surreal. If you look at the face of humans the face appears more real and meaningful than cartoonish face.

Sun and Moon Arm Tattoos

With this Sun as well as Moon arm tattoo you do not have the two main elements that are Sun and moon- in identical tattoos. Instead, you can have the two tattoos separately, but with the same design. This idea for tattoos is an excellent example of a moon and sun tattoo that can be tattooed anytime, at any time.

The design is stunning It is also popular with people who choose to have it inked using stylish designs. Additionally, this tattoo’s Sun and Moon Arm Tattoos feature a stunning arrow design! Tattoos such as these can look stunning on your arms, but will also look great on your legs.

Sun and Moon Kissing Each Other

Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning

This tattoo is the perfect one for young lovers. If the passion of love for young people is burning within your heart, make sure you have this tattoo tattooed. In this tattoo you’ll be able to see two of the sun’s rays the Sun and moon lying next to each other, kissing on the lips.

In this image, the moon is shown as the male figure of the couple. The Sun is represented as the female symbol. Both are looking toward one another to kiss. If you examine the image in detail at the image, you’ll see the sunlight’s rays Sun are depicted as hair strands that are a part of the Sun.

If you and your significant other are both tattoo enthusiasts and you both love tattoos, it’s an ideal idea for you both to have this tattoo done on the same date. This will allow you to always remember how in love with each other you are.

Tarot Tattoo with Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning

This tattoo is a tough frame that has beautiful edges. In these Sun moon and sun tattoos, the tattoo artist has to draw tarot cards using the correct symbols. The sun and moon tattoo is a unique symbol with a lot of nature-based surroundings that are associated with it.

The best part about this design is the way that cheeks from the Sun and moon appear to be glowing with black eyebrows that are thick and curly eyelids. If you’re looking to get a unique tattoo with a hint of imagination This tattoo is ideal for you!

Tattoos in gray and black

Black grey and black tattoos offer the possibility of a stunning amount of detail. An experienced tattoo artist will apply shading to create dimension and texture while bringing your latest work of artwork to life.

Gray and black also add weight to your work, however, it isn’t the best choice to depict whimsical images. If you’re looking for something more serious, profound conceptually strong for the sun and moon tattoo, then black and grey is the best choice for your application. Similar to larger designs the black and gray color is the most popular choice to add texture and character to the background art.

Simple and delicate Moon and Sun Tattoos

There are no more days when tattoos were reserved for large, muscular motorcycle riders sporting a stunning neck tattoo or their old ladies sporting an eerie fairy tattooed on their shoulder blades.

Our perceptions of tattoos have evolved to the point where they can support any idea for tattoos you want to contemplate, with advancements in the capabilities that tattoo artists have, ink, and kit technology that can make them come to life, and even temporary tattoos for those who have reservations.

If you want to be cutesy, playful humorous, cute, or feminine All kinds of designs for tattoos are available nowadays. If you’re looking for a fine-line design, then think about one needle working to match a simple moon and sun tattoo, making very fine lines that are delicate, or dots – also referred to as pointillism.

Dot work tattoos involve the artist making a portion or the entire image from etched single points. It’s a long-winded intricate, technical procedure, but it’s appreciated when tattooed by a skilled professional. The striking visual effect is not able to be duplicated by any other design. It’s naturally delicate, perfect for tiny tattoos or a small spiritual aesthetic.

Geometric Sun and Moon Tattoos

The moon and the sun were sacred to the ancients of humanity. As symbols, they’re a naturally suitable choice for tattoos with geometric shapes.

The majority of the time the solar and moon tattoo is incorporated into existing geometric designs, such as mandalas, also known as The flower tattoos that lives, or Metatron’s cube, for instance. They are the sun and moon-shaped free spaces. If you’re looking for an entirely different representation look into an inverse top-bottom arrangement and then use repeating geometric shapes or lines to join the two.

Geometric moon and sun tattoos that look like a cut moon tattoo are a fantastic choice to incorporate spiritual ink into a striking design.

Linework Sun and Moon Tattoos

The line work is a great selection for a wide range of topics when it comes to the style aspect of their moon and sun tattoos. The traditional representation is easy and even cartoonish according to contemporary standards of art which makes linework one of the best options for these types of subjects.

As with black and heavy linework tattoos, linework tattoos give the artist a lot of freedom and personal interpretation. Utilizing creatively the negative lines in space, tattoos can display some style by using a clever application, transforming half-moons into classic wolf tattoo that balances the elements of day and night.

Simple lines can be used to create half-silhouettes where more information is mentioned than depicted. As a practical matter, small linework tattoos are a great cost-effective and take less time (and suffering) than more expensive colors or one that is filled with a single piece.

Dark-Lined and Old-Fashioned Design of Sun

Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning

The standard style of the sun offers no additional scenes or characters. The boldness lies in their simplicity. They use strong lines that suggest shadows as well as old-fashioned illustrations for their faces. While the design is intended in monochromatic colors, the designs could be made to be color-filled in the future if you choose.

Sun Moon Wrist Tattoos

Sun and Moon Tattoos Meaning

If you’re not looking for elaborate or extravagant designs but that doesn’t mean you should avoid tattoos of the sun or moon completely. The design is intended for an arm tattoo it has a different design in each direction. While the moon appears hollow on one hand and covered by black ink on the next. The same pattern matches the sun, matching the sun’s filled-in with a large crescent moon.

Popular Placements for Sun and Moon Tattoos

The placement of tattoos is contingent on different factors with size being among the biggest factors and sun tattoos aren’t an exception. Additionally, you should decide if you want the tattoo to be visible or prefer to conceal it beneath your clothing.

If you are unable to decide on what size you would like your image as well as the best location to put it and where to put it, you can consult an artist to provide guidance. They may also consider the size of the image, and also determine whether the location chosen provides enough space to produce the desired effect.

The most well-known body parts that are suitable for a tiny sun tattoo are the wrists, fingers, and ankles, as well as the neck’s back as well as collarbones, and feet. For a basic sun tattoo, it is possible to pick any place as long as there is enough space for the selected design. The more elaborate and intricate sun tattoos need more space. Therefore, the ideal position for them would be the chest, back or hips, belly, etc.



The first step is to need to decide whether you’d like your tattoo to be seen. Many may be wondering why you would want an image if you don’t display it Tattoos are highly personal.

It’s not just that, unfortunately, some workplaces don’t allow employees to have visible tattoos. It is also possible to choose the body part which is easily covered such as the arm or shoulder. This will allow you to display your body when you’re not working, yet remain in line with guidelines for a dress when you’re.

If you’re a free spirit and would like the world to be able to see the stunning Sun and Moon artwork on your body, then get your tattoo engraved in a place where everybody can view it. The neck, wrists, hands, and neck are typically visible to everyone. Check out this article to see some of our most-loved wrist tattoo concepts.

Sun Exposure

It’s wonderful to display your tattoos, but when you do, it exposes the tattoo to UV rays. As the sun can cause damage and alter the skin, it could also cause fading of your tattoo. This is even true in winter when there is snow on the ground and clouds over the sky. To keep your ink fresh, you’ll need to cover it up or apply sunscreen. Be sure to apply your sunscreen throughout the day since it usually doesn’t last for more than a few hours.


Although people fear it for many reasons, it is an inevitable part of life. As you get older, your metabolism slows while your skin begins to lose elasticity. This means your chances of putting on weight and then eventually developing wrinkles.

Based on the place you put the tattoo, these elements could cause it to appear disfigured. If you apply the tattoo in a fleshy place, you are susceptible to wrinkles and weight gain.

If you’d prefer to stay clear of this, you must apply your tattoo to the bony area of your body. For instance, the collarbone, the sternum, the ribs, and the shoulder blade. Bony regions are less prone to wrinkles and weight gain.

Frequency of Use

Some body parts, especially your hands, get the most use of other parts. Due to this, tattoos that are located in these areas will disappear much more quickly.

If you’re set on having tattoos on your hands, it is recommended that you select one that has large lines. The thin lines may fade to insignificance as time passes. Even if large lines are faded, they’ll remain evident. You can, of course, have a touch-up. Some tattoo artists warrant the work they do for a specific period, which means all necessary touch-ups are completely free.


The moon and the sun are powerful symbols, and you could find that some people will ask where you got your tattoo. You can explain to them the location of the tattoo. A sun-and-moon tattoo is an extremely popular design that can be cost-effective and simple to obtain.

If you’re ready to have your custom Sun and Moon tattoo, then it is best to visit a tattoo shop and pick up ink to customize your design. You could also bring it to a tattoo studio for additional work done to it should you wish to.