The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2022)

The town is located in Flathead County in northwest Montana; a Whitefish mountain resort is a famous town for outdoor and skiing with an enormous Rocky Mountain appeal.

The appropriately called Big Mountain backdrops Main Street and is the home of the famous Whitefish Mountain Resort. With its many beautiful mountain scenery and stunning activities, there are year-round activities available in Whitefish all around.

Visit the Whitefish Mountain Resort

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whatever time of the year you’re in Montana, there’s every opportunity to explore Whitefish Mountain Resort. You’ll feel adrenaline pumping from mountain biking to ziplining as you explore some of the most beautiful landscapes.

The most important reason to travel to visit Whitefish Mountain Resort is the incredible ski slopes. The season typically begins in December and runs through April; those looking for adventure can take advantage of an extended window to climb the mountains to enjoy the snow-covered slopes!

Explore Downtown Whitefish

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

Downtown is a local town in Whitefish. The streets are charming and have plenty of tourists, but no major retail chains are lining the streets. Along the way from the famous downtown clock tower are shops that evoke the atmosphere of mountain-based tradition.

The stores within downtown Whitefish include hand-crafted jewelry, used and art book stores, as well as a variety of stores for home décor, clothing stores, and gift shops. The art is also displayed in places such as The Go-to-the-Sun Gallery.

Whitefish Lake

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

Stretching seven miles from the northwest corner to the downtown, the vast bank of Whitefish Lake is one of the city’s main attractions. One of the most straightforward ways to access this vast lake, which is surrounded by forested mountain peaks, is to visit Whitefish City Beach.

Whitefish City Beach is one mile west of the Whitefish Depot and near the outlet from the lake. It comprises a vast sandy beach and a designated swimming area.

Rentals of non-motorized boats are offered all through the summer months. There is also an open boat launch. When you are on the water, anglers can troll deep for lake trout, while other anglers can cruise along the river’s current. Whitefish River.

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Great Northern Railway Depot

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

Also called The Whitefish Depot, this historic station and operating Amtrak station has been attracting tourists and industries for more than 100 years. This famous train stop retains the chalet-style style, with the stunning backdrop of mountains. It’s also one of the most popular depots between Seattle as well as Minneapolis,

In the Depot, The Stepdown Historical Museum is a multimedia resource about the history of the depot and the town built alongside it. Nearby, Depot Park has plenty of space for you for those who want to stretch their legs.

The Whitefish Trail

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

The Whitefish Trail is a community-driven trail system that runs through the city’s forests and natural areas. The trail currently consists of more than 40 miles of natural surfaces and more than a dozen trailheads. With its easy access and simple navigation, the course is becoming increasingly popular with people with children, runners, and those looking for an easy and enjoyable way to experience nature.

Whitefish Theatre Company

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

To add a community-friendly attraction, The Whitefish Theatre Company has produced shows relevant to the culture for more than 40 years. The non-profit theatre company is the only one to call the O’Shaughnessy Centre it’s home, which includes the 328-seat thrust theater.

Alongside musical theatre and plays, The stage and the company also stage reader’s theatre and nationally touring musical acts and other special events.

Sunti World Art Gallery

The Sunti World Art Gallery is a two-story gallery that concentrates on current artists in North America, Europe, and Asia. The variety of artworks that you can see in this gallery makes it an ideal destination for art enthusiasts, even when it’s cold or rainy.

It’s got an extensive collection of art that exhibits a variety of styles ranging from abstract to realism and various types from paintings to sculptures.

Whitefish Pottery & Stillwater Gallery

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Pottery and Stillwater Gallery is an art gallery in the local area located close to the center of town, on Central Avenue. The gallery is famous for its handmade stoneware pieces created on its own pottery wheel. Unique pieces are easy to come across at their store.

Enjoy the Spa at Whitefish Lake

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

No matter how much the hiking experience you’ve had – even the most daring tourists need a relaxing day. There’s no better spot in town to take off your shoes and ease your muscles than Whitefish Lake Spa. Whitefish Lake.

The location is right next to the water, and visitors can soak in all the beauty of the outdoors while relaxing on your massage table.

What’s sure to have you selling is an outdoor hot tub, which is ideal for cold winter evenings when you want to soak in the stunning beauty of the mountains covered in snow.

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Shop the Whitefish Farmers Market

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

If you are in Whitefish in the summertime, you’ll want to explore some local culture at Whitefish Farmers Market. Whitefish Farmers Market.

The market is open from May until September on Tuesdays. The farmers market is a gathering place for everything from local artists to local artisans.

Go Golfing

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

The most sought-after activity in Whitefish is to try your hand at a game of golf. It’s true; Whitefish has many great courses for the avid golfer and those seeking to hit a few balls amid mountains.

The two courses are in Whitefish, and five others are within 20 miles. With all the golf courses to choose from, there’s not surprising that Whitefish is a well-known golfing spot in Montana.

Skydive in Whitefish

The Best Thing to Do in Whitefish Mountain Resort

If you’re an adventurer who wants to see the sights from Glacier National Park and the Whitefish mountain resort region from the sky on the tandem skydive. There isn’t a better adrenaline-pumping adventure to offer these spectacular views and free falls at 10,000 feet.

Be aware that the skydiving season in Montana is limited due to conditions in the weather. They only operate from June through October. However, if you happen to be in an area with excellent weather, make use of it!