Theonespy Best Whatsapp Call Recorder App 2021

Theonespy Best Whatsapp Call Recorder App 2021

But using mobile phones and social messenger apps have some significant issues that need to control online threats. Therefore, in this article, we define the best  WhatsApp call recorder App in the latest time of 2021.

Whatsapp is a social media platform that allows users to connect for free of cost. It will enable the users for complimentary messages, audio-video calls to share the media files. It considers one of the most popular apps around the world. Almost everyone has access to their cell phone and social media app.


Is it possible to record WhatsApp calls secretly?

Whatsapp call recording is possible with the help of spy software. Whatsapp call recording app allows the user to monitor all incoming, outgoing activities of the targeted device.

It enables you to monitor all activities of the targeted social messenger app to know all about them. Users can also see the name of the caller and call duration. In short, you can learn everything about WhatsApp calls.

Why do we need to use the call recorder?

There is a lot of reason to spy on the online activities of the targeted devices. It helps the parents to protect their kids from online dangers.  Parents are mainly worried about their kids while they get access to cell phones and social media. They spend most of their time with mobile phones and use them for several activities, including unethical activities.

But parents should keep an eye on them for their safety concerns. That’s why; they want to secure them from the danger of digital dangers. When they spend their entire day on a digital screen, it increases kids’ risks like online dating and excessive time.

So, there is a core need to spy on all their online activities and monitor their movement. Through tracking software, parents come to know about their kids and their actions with their smart gadgets.

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The best call recorder app

There is several tracking software available in the market that claims for monitoring. But we describe the best phone spy app in the spy industry.

As a user, you were confused by selecting the best monitoring application. But here we tell you the best spy application that makes sure you about the tracking and monitoring of digital devices.

TheOneSpy monitoring application

TheOneSpy is the best spy application that gathers the data of online activities of digital devices. It allows the users to monitor digital gadgets like mac, windows, android, and iOS devices.

TheOneSpy is always working for better tracking results for their users. This software allows the users to track all activities secretly.

This app offers 250+ features for tracking and monitoring. This tracking software allows the users to spy the all online activities without taking the device into the hand.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp calls recording app.

TheOneSpy always works for the best tracking results. It allows the user to spy on WhatsApp activities secretly and make sure you are about the targeted person.

You can easily track all incoming, outgoing calls of any targeted WhatsApp account. You can easily monitor all WhatsApp activities with audio-video calls. In short, users quickly know the targeted person and their call details.

How to record the calls secretly

For monitoring and tracking the calls of targeted devices, you need to install the remote spy app on android devices. For this, you have to learn the installation process.  In the below paragraph, we describe the complete installation process.

For installing the app, you should visit the official page of TheOneSpy. After it, you need to subscribe to the official page WhatsApp call recording.

Then you will receive an email with a password and ID. After this, you need to get physical access to the targeted device for installing the app into the targeted phone.

After you need to gets access the web portal of TheOneSpy for call recording. It allows the user to record files and gets access the files.


TheOneSpy is considering the best monitoring software that enables spying the all online activities. It provides the exclusive feature for spying the WhatsApp activities. In short, we can say TheOneSpy is the best call recording app in 2021.

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