Why is WhatsApp Payment a Better Option?

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2022)

At present, the facility of WhatsApp Payment is available only for users in India and Brazil.

In India, the payment can be made by using a mobile number.

However, users in Brazil are supposed to verify their digital payment cards on Facebook Pay to make payments.

WhatsApp has been regularly making essential changes in its payment service to make it more convenient for users and meet competition from other companies.  

WhatsApp started the payment service in India in 2020, but it was made available only in June 2021.

India competes with big names like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay, which are already established names in digital payment.

WhatsApp Will Now Ask for Verification Documents for Payment

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, with billions of people using it for features such as messaging, sharing of pictures and documents, and making audio and video calls.

Currently, WhatsApp doesn’t ask for any verification documents for using its multiple services. However, shortly, that is going to change.

This latest WhatsApp beta release said that the messenger app would ask users to upload their documents to use the WhatsApp payment service.

Currently, if you use WhatsApp Payments, only your mobile number linked to the bank account should be verified for this service.

Once you complete this process, only then you are allowed to do UPI-based transactions. 

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Why do Users Prefer the WhatsApp Payment Feature?

The reason for its immense popularity is its wide range of services.

One of the features that were added later on is WhatsApp payment. Although there are many other digital payment platforms like Google Pay, PhonePe, Mobikwik, OlaMoney, Jiomoney, PayZapp, etc.,

WhatsApp payment has created a lot of buzz among users.

It’sIt’s factors like user-friendliness and convenience that create interest among users for WhatsApp payment.

They know that this particular service will be as helpful as other features.

However, according to reliable sources, instant messaging platform WhatsApp will soon ask users for identity verification.

The verification will be only needed for those using the WhatsApp payment service.

In Brazil, the messenger app verifies their credit or debit card for those who wish to use Facebook Pay.

Until this is done, the payment -the facility isn’t provided to the user.

According to the WhatsApp v2.21.22.6 beta version, users will be soon asked to confirm their identities.

Identity verification will be required even for those who receive payments for their business on WhatsApp payment.

UPI-based apps like Google Pay, PhonePe and WhatsApp Pay currently do not require any documents to transfer or receive money.

However, wallet apps like PayTM can be used only after getting the KYC verification.

How does the WhatsApp In-Chat Payment Function Operate?

To use the WhatsApp In-Chat Payment function for transferring funds, the person needs to be on your contact list.

The option allows you to both send and receives money through WhatsApp.

The messaging app has made arrangements with most of the banks in the country to facilitate this service to their users.

The payment system is also compatible with Unified Payments Interface (UPI), where funds can be transferred without needing bank account details and IFSC code.

UPI is an excellent payment interface that allows customers to make immediate fund transfers through a Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

The entire process is fast and convenient for users and can be done round the clock.

How Do You Make a Payment Through WhatsApp In-Chat Payment?

To make fund transfers through the WhatsApp In-Chat Payment system, first, you need to click on the ”Rupee” symbol under the ”Attachment” option.

Once you do this, money can be instantly transferred by entering the transaction amount and your UPI PIN.

This system is better than other similar payment systems because users will not be required to navigate out of the chat window to make a payment.

If you wish to make payment through WhatsApp for Android users, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1:  First, reach the chat window of contact whom you want to make a payment and click on the attachment icon

Step 2:  You can see the ”Payment” option in the chat window. Go and click on the terms and conditions.

Step 3:  Finally, you need to enter the amount you wish to transfer and provide your UPI PIN.

Now, you are free to send money.

Those using iOS phones should click on the plus symbol in the chat window and follow the same procedure from step 2.

When making digital payments, users prefer secure social media apps like WhatsApp rather than a new platform.

People have been using this popular messaging app for many years and have developed a high trust in this platform.

That is the reason why WhatsApp payment has got such a high level of acceptance among users.