Which Indian Companies Delivered the Highest Return?

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2022)

Highest return stocks in the previous 20 years: It is true that if investors stay involved in the stock market for the long term, they might expect multi-bagger returns. However, basic tests must be performed regularly, and the stocks must be fundamentally sound.

When looking at the indexes, equities have emerged as an asset class that has outperformed various others throughout time. Outperformance has been measured in terms of percentage returns.

There are various stocks accessible in the Indian stock market that might help you double your money. However, the decisions must be sound. Some investors utilize the trial-and-error approach, but others participate in the stock market after developing strategies and taking measured risks. The second type of investor is more likely to be successful in the area of equities investment.

This article looks at the best-performing stocks that have generated the highest returns over the previous 20 years. If you are considering investing in the stock market and want to learn about the best-performing stocks, continue reading to learn about the stocks that have altered the fortunes of investors.

Best Highest Return Stocks in India Over the Last 20 Years

Eicher Motors Ltd

Which Indian companies have delivered the highest returns in the previous 20 years?

Eicher Motors Ltd is an Indian multinational automobile manufacturer that specializes in motorbikes and commercial vehicles. The company’s headquarters are in New Delhi.

The stock has achieved amazing gains since its debut. According to Google Finance, it has increased by 48891% in the previous 20 years. Its emphasis on balancing growth and profitability, as well as on exports, could assist to boost the share price even higher.

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Bajaj Finance Ltd

Which Indian companies have delivered the highest returns in the previous 20 years?

Investors believe that stock selection should be done in such a way that a chosen stock generates good returns over a specified time frame. If at all feasible, multi-bagger returns should be sought. While it is tough to find a stock that can yield multi-bagger returns, we have discovered one that has provided investors with good returns.

The company’s name is “Bajaj Finance Limited.” It is a deposit-taking non-banking financial company that is registered with the Reserve Bank of India. It is a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv Ltd. and is in the loan and deposit acceptance sector.

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Titan Company Ltd.

Which Indian companies have delivered the highest returns in the previous 20 years?

Titan Company Limited is an Indian manufacturer of fashion accessories such as jewelry, watches, and eyewear. This is one of the most important firms in the Tata group.

The Tata group of enterprises has evolved from one of the world’s largest integrated watchmakers to a leading lifestyle brand. In addition to several world-class brands, the corporation has two main subsidiaries: Titan Engineering & Automation Limited and Caratlane.

Its stock has returned a staggering 93964% during the previous 20 years.

Asian Paints Ltd

Which Indian companies have delivered the highest returns in the previous 20 years?

We can’t start this essay without stating the company’s name. Asian Paints Limited produces a diverse variety of decorative and industrial paints. The firm provides complete painting and design services, color and décor consultation, waterproofing solutions, and so on.

Asian Paints capitalized on broad demand circumstances for the paint sector in India, and given its market position, this approach is projected to continue.

Britannia Industries Ltd.

Which Indian companies have delivered the highest returns in the previous 20 years?

Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian food manufacturing firm. This corporation is a subsidiary of the Wadia Group, which is led by Nusli Wadia. It is one of India’s oldest firms, with headquarters in Kolkata, and is well-known for its biscuit goods. The firm continues to introduce new goods in the biscuit and other emerging areas.

It introduced Biscafe and positioned it as a coffee complement. This was done to capitalize on the expanding coffee culture.

Despite providing great returns to investors over the last few years, the firm has a bright future. Britannia continued to gain momentum in rural India as its market share increased. This stock has increased investors’ wealth by 6,890% during the previous 20 years.

HDFC Bank Ltd

Which Indian companies have delivered the highest returns in the previous 20 years?

In the financial business, HDFC Bank Ltd is a household name. It offers a variety of banking services. It is known as the Housing Development Finance Corporation and serves a large number of customers. It provides retail banking, treasury, auto loans, and other services.

In May 2001, the stock was only worth INR23.22. The stock has returned a total of 6,799% during the previous 20 years. This robust performance in recent years has been underpinned by market share expansion, loan growth, greater interest income, NII improvement, and other factors.

In Closing

We have included the greatest return equities in the previous 20 years in this post, which have generated exceptional returns during the last two decades. Countless additional names have exponentially increased the wealth of investors. Thus, if you have the necessary skill set and skills, equities markets have enormous potential.

The stock market is primarily intended for long-term investments, and fundamentally strong stocks can produce the required returns.

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