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Write For Us-We accept the following Niche only:

  • Computer
  • Web Development
  • Mobile & App Development
  • Digital marketing
  • Information technology
  • Education
  • start-ups
  • Technology
  • Automotive
  • global-industry


Minimum word count

  • 1000 words to the maximum you want
  • Strictly follow on-page SEO Techniques
  • Internal link
  • Meta Description with article
  • Unique Feature Image

Write For Us – Guidelines to follow-Write For Us.

 Publishing articles and blogging will help enhance your reputation as a writer while also rewarding you with more visibility across the internet!

To help our writers create the best possible article or blog post, we’ve compiled a list of guidelines. As you’re writing an article or blog post, keep these points in mind. 

Guideline #1: Informative Write-Ups

If your writings contain meaningful content, we will give them more weight than the write-ups that do not. It is necessary to remember that no matter what topic or subject you choose for writing about, it should answer questions that readers may have related to this particular area of interest.

A reader may bounce off an article if it does not answer their questions. Find out what readers want to know about your subject by researching on Google, and frame a write-up around those queries, which is bound to make the piece informative.

Guideline #2: Unique Write-Ups

Your article needs to be informative and unique. These days, simply being informative is not enough for blogging websites as there are so many of them now! If you want people to read what you write about on a blog publishing platform like Medium or Blogger, it has to catch their eye in some way – whether that’s with an exciting title or tagline/subheading.

 One way is by looking for similar articles or blogs on Google and checking their written styles. You can take inspiration from other writings’ contents and their style choices, then combine both to form an original composition that will surely be unique!Write For Us.

Guideline #3: Plagiarism – Free Content

Since we’re very strict about plagiarism here at FaujTech, if even a single section of your post is copied from someone else’s work or paraphrased using their exact phrasing, you will have to scrap the entire blog.

It’s great that you want to see how others create writing styles for blogs and learn what they’ve done well in theirs; however, copying and pasting expressions word-for-word isn’t a good practice. We promote taking inspiration from those around us—not just content!Write For Us.

There are many free tools on the web that you can use to check how well your articles or blogs fare in terms of plagiarism. Of these, Copyscape Premium is by far our favourite as it’s thorough and detailed enough for professionals who want accurate results across many different digital platforms.

Guideline #4: Add Author Image and Bio With your Article

Aspiring writers who want to get exposure for their writing through FaujTech can do so with an image on the site. You should choose one that has your face visible, and you were smiling!

Want Google to know about your skills as a writer? We do too, which is why we require all writers on FaujTech to have their faces displayed. Use an image where you are smiling and looking directly at the camera!


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